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College Physics: Strategies App. Tech. Upd. -Pkg 3rd Edition

College Physics: Strategies App. Tech. Upd. -Pkg - 3rd Edition - by Knight - ISBN 9780134588964
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College Physics: Strategies App. Tech. ...
3rd Edition
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780134588964

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Built from the ground up for optimal learning; refined to help students focus on the big picture
College Physics: A Strategic Approach Technology Update applies the best results from educational research, extensive user feedback and metadata to all design and content, helping more students understand the big picture, gain crucial problem-solving skills and confidence, and better prepare for class.


College Physics: A Strategic Approach Technology Update, Third Edition is accompanied by a significantly more robust MasteringPhysics before, during, and after class. New Dynamic Study Modules focused on fundamental math and physics concepts help students better prepare before class while new Prelecture Videos address common misconceptions students have when learning physics for the first time while reinforcing class preparation.

Now, more than 200 new QR codes appear throughout the textbook, enabling students to use their smartphone or tablet to instantly watch interactive videos about relevant demonstrations, new Dynamic Figure Videos, problem-solving strategies, and solutions explained by the authors. Newly Enhanced End-of-Chapter Questions offer students instructional support right when they need it, including wrong-answer specific feedback, links to the eText, and math remediation when completing homework assignments.

Sample Solutions for this Textbook

We offer sample solutions for College Physics: Strategies App. Tech. Upd. -Pkg homework problems. See examples below:
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The work of the brakes in the car mostly is to stop or slow down the speed of the vehicle, and this...When one hand is rubbed against another vigorously, then, due to the movement of one surface against...The mass number for Neon (Ne) is 20 and the mass number for nitrogen (N2) is 14 and is determined...Write the expression to calculate the density of the object. ρ=mV (I) Here, V is the volume, m is...A motion is said to be oscillatory motion if it repeats itself about a fixed equilibrium position...Waves can be categorized in two types namely:- Transverse Waves Longitudinal waves In both these...Write the expression for speed of light in another medium. v=cμ (I) Here, v is the velocity of light...Frequency is defined as number of oscillations per second. The solution can be understood from the...During a solar eclipse the sun acts as a small but extended source and it casts a shadow of the moon...The shape of image on the screen also depends upon the distance of the screen from the point where...When a plastic rod is rubbed with wool, the plastic rod acquires negative charge on it because from...Electric potential at a point is defined as the work done in moving a point charge from infinity to...One of the simple method is to place a compass needle near to the circuit, if the circuit is...From the given figure, the connection of the outer metal case of the light bulb should connect to...If magnet on the right is fixed and magnet on the left is free to move, the second magnet rotates....According to Lenz’s law, if the magnetic flux changes, a current in a loop will be induced. As the...Write the expression for average power in ac circuit. PR=Vrms2R (I) Here, PR is the average power,...A reference frame can be considered as a coordinate system in which experiments equipped with any...Write the Bragg’s condition for the constructive interference of first order x-ray diffraction....In the discharge tube the neon emits red and orange spectrum, this is due to the transition from the...According to general trend an atom have larger atomic mass correspond to larger atomic number. But...

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