Construction Materials, Methods and Techniques (MindTap Course List) - 4th Edition - by William P. Spence, Eva Kultermann - ISBN 9781305086272
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Construction Materials, Methods and Tec...
4th Edition
William P. Spence, Eva Kultermann
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305086272

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Explore the most up-to-date green and sustainable methods for residential and commercial building construction as well as the latest materials, standards, and practices with CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS, METHODS AND TECHNIQUES: BUILDING FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE, 4E. This comprehensive book's logical, well-structured format follows the natural sequence of a construction project. The book is the only one organized based on the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Masterformat standards. You will find the most current industry developments and standards as well as latest relevant building codes within a dynamic new design. A wealth of comprehensive learning resources, including MindTap™ Personal Learning Experience, ensure a solid understanding of today's construction materials, methods and techniques that is critical for ongoing industry success.

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What are the basic materials used to produce mortar?What are the forms in which clay is found?What are the different ways concrete masonry units are cured?What is the main use for stone in buildings built today?What are the commonly used types of masonry load-bearing walls?What is the key element that influences the properties of iron?How does the specific gravity of aluminum pare with that of steel?What are the purposes of the various types of drawings used for the design and erection of...How can you tell a coniferous tree from a deciduous tree?What are the differences between plywood, oriented-strand board, and composite panels?What are the commonly used framing members used in light frame construction?What are the types of wood products used to frame heavy timber buildings?What materials can be used for the finished soffit and fascia?What two atoms form the nucleus for the derivation of the material plastics?What types of organic fibers are used for insulation?What are the two ways bonding agents hold materials together?What will prevent bitumen from adhering to a concrete wall? List the four fire classifications for roof coverings.What are the basic types of glass?Describe the construction of various types of hollow-core metal doors.What types of cladding are typically used for multistory buildings?What materials are included in Division 9 of the MasterFormat?In what two ways do acoustical materials control sound?What purposes do interior partitions serve?What types of finish flooring are in common use?What finished surfaces are available when selecting chalkboards?What types of covering materials are used for air-supported structures? What code is used to ascertain the safety standards of elevators and escalators? What organization publishes the major fire protection requirement manuals? What types of pipe are used to carry natural gas?What is the difference between thermal radiation, thermal conduction, and thermal convection?Chapter 41, Problem 1RQChapter 42, Problem 1RQ

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