Contemporary Mathematics for Business & Consumers - 8th Edition - by Robert Brechner, Geroge Bergeman - ISBN 9781305585447
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Contemporary Mathematics for Business &...
8th Edition
Robert Brechner, Geroge Bergeman
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305585447

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Chapter 3.II - Decimal Numbers And The Fundamental ProcessesChapter 3.III - Conversion Of Decimals To Fractions And Fractions To DecimalsChapter 4 - Checking AccountsChapter 4.I - Understanding And Using Checking AccountsChapter 4.II - Bank Statement ReconciliationChapter 5 - Using Equations To Solve Business ProblemsChapter 5.I - Solving Basic EquationsChapter 5.II - Using Equations To Solve Business-related Word ProblemsChapter 6 - Percents And Their Applications In BusinessChapter 6.I - Understanding And Converting PercentsChapter 6.II - Using The Percentage Formula To Solve Business ProblemsChapter 6.III - Solving Other Business Problems Involving PercentsChapter 7 - Invoices, Trade Discounts, And Cash DiscountsChapter 7.I - The InvoiceChapter 7.II - Trade Discounts—singleChapter 7.III - Trade Discounts—seriesChapter 7.IV - Cash Discounts And Terms Of SaleChapter 8 - Markup And MarkdownChapter 8.I - Markup Based On CostChapter 8.II - Markup Based On Selling PriceChapter 8.III - Markdowns, Multiple Operations, And Perishable GoodsChapter 9 - PayrollChapter 9.I - Employee’s Gross Earnings And Incentive Pay PlansChapter 9.II - Employee’s Payroll DeductionsChapter 9.III - Employer’s Payroll Expenses And Self-employed Person’s Tax ResponsibilityChapter 10 - Simple Interest And Promissory NotesChapter 10.I - Understanding And Computing Simple InterestChapter 10.II - Using The Simple Interest FormulaChapter 10.III - Understanding Promissory Notes And DiscountingChapter 11 - Compound Interest And Present ValueChapter 11.I - Compound Interest—the Time Value Of MoneyChapter 11.II - Present ValueChapter 12 - AnnuitiesChapter 12.I - Future Value Of An Annuity: Ordinary And Annuity DueChapter 12.II - Present Value Of An Annuity: Ordinary And Annuity DueChapter 12.III - Sinking Funds And AmortizationChapter 13 - Consumer And Business CreditChapter 13.I - Open-end Credit—charge Accounts, Credit Cards, And Lines Of CreditChapter 13.II - Closed-end Credit—installment LoansChapter 14 - MortgagesChapter 14.I - Mortgages—fixed-rate And Adjustable-rateChapter 14.II - Second Mortgages—home Equity Loans And Lines Of CreditChapter 15 - Financial Statements And RatiosChapter 15.I - The Balance SheetChapter 15.II - The Income StatementChapter 15.III - Financial Ratios And Trend AnalysisChapter 16 - InventoryChapter 16.I - Inventory ValuationChapter 16.II - Inventory EstimationChapter 16.III - Inventory Turnover And TargetsChapter 17 - DepreciationChapter 17.I - Traditional Depreciation—methods Used For Financial Statement ReportingChapter 17.II - Asset Cost Recovery Systems—irs-prescribed Methods For Income Tax ReportingChapter 18 - TaxesChapter 18.I - Sales And Excise TaxesChapter 18.II - Property TaxChapter 18.III - Income TaxChapter 19 - InsuranceChapter 19.I - Life InsuranceChapter 19.II - Property InsuranceChapter 19.III - Motor Vehicle InsuranceChapter 20 - InvestmentsChapter 20.I - StocksChapter 20.II - BondsChapter 20.III - Mutual FundsChapter 21 - Business Statistics And Data PresentationChapter 21.I - Data Interpretation And PresentationChapter 21.II - Measures Of Central Tendency And Dispersion—ungrouped DataChapter 21.III - Frequency Distributions— Grouped Data

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Overcome your math anxiety and confidently master key mathematical concepts and their business applications with Brechner/Bergeman's CONTEMPORARY MATHEMATICS FOR BUSINESS AND CONSUMERS, 8E. Refined and enhanced over eight editions, this text continues to incorporate a proven step-by-step instructional model that allows you to progress one topic at a time without being intimidated or overwhelmed. This edition offers a reader-friendly design with a wealth of engaging learning features that connect the latest business news to chapter topics and provide helpful personal money tips. You will immediately practice concepts to reinforce learning and hone essential skills with more than 2,000 proven exercises. Jump Start problems introduce each new topic in the section exercise sets and provide a worked-out solution to help you get started.

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