Differential Equations: Computing and Modeling (5th Edition), Edwards, Penney & Calvis - 5th Edition - by C. Henry Edwards, David E. Penney, David Calvis - ISBN 9780321816252

Differential Equations: Computing and M...
5th Edition
C. Henry Edwards, David E. Penney, David Calvis
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780321816252

Solutions for Differential Equations: Computing and Modeling (5th Edition), Edwards, Penney & Calvis

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Chapter 2.4 - Numerical Approximation: Euler’s MethodChapter 2.5 - A Closer Look At The Euler MethodChapter 2.6 - The Runge–kutta MethodChapter 3.1 - Introduction: Second-order Linear EquationsChapter 3.2 - General Solutions Of Linear EquationsChapter 3.3 - Homogeneous Equations With Constant CoefficientsChapter 3.4 - Mechanical VibrationsChapter 3.5 - Nonhomogeneous Equations And Undetermined CoefficientsChapter 3.6 - Forced Oscillations And ResonanceChapter 3.7 - Electrical CircuitsChapter 3.8 - Endpoint Problems And EigenvaluesChapter 4.1 - First-order Systems And ApplicationsChapter 4.2 - The Method Of EliminationChapter 4.3 - Numerical Methods For SystemsChapter 5.1 - Matrices And Linear SystemsChapter 5.2 - The Eigenvalue Method For Homogeneous SystemsChapter 5.3 - A Gallery Of Solution Curves Of Linear SystemsChapter 5.4 - Second-order Systems And Mechanical ApplicationsChapter 5.5 - Multiple Eigenvalue SolutionsChapter 5.6 - Matrix Exponentials And Linear SystemsChapter 5.7 - Nonhomogeneous Linear SystemsChapter 6.1 - Stability And The Phase PlaneChapter 6.2 - Linear And Almost Linear SystemsChapter 6.3 - Ecological Models: Predators And CompetitorsChapter 6.4 - Nonlinear Mechanical SystemsChapter 7.1 - Laplace Transforms And Inverse TransformsChapter 7.2 - Transformation Of Initial Value ProblemsChapter 7.3 - Translation And Partial FractionsChapter 7.4 - Derivatives, Integrals, And Products Of TransformsChapter 7.5 - Periodic And Piecewise Continuous Input FunctionsChapter 7.6 - Impulses And Delta FunctionsChapter A.5 - Well-posed Problems And Mathematical Models

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This text provides the conceptual development and geometric visualization of a modern differential equations course that is still essential to science and engineering students. It reflects the new emphases that permeate the learning of elementary differential equations, including the wide availability of scientific computing environments like Maple, Mathematica, and MATLAB; its focus has shifted from the traditional manual methods to new computer-based methods that illuminate qualitative phenomena and make accessible a wider range of more realistic applications. 

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