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Economics Today: The Micro View, 17/e 17th Edition

Economics Today: The Micro View, 17/e - 17th Edition - by Roger LeRoy Miller - ISBN 9780132948883
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Economics Today: The Micro View, 17/e
17th Edition
Roger LeRoy Miller
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780132948883

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Book Details

Written for students taking the principles of economics course. By presenting ideas clearly, at an accessible level, and in the context of newsworthy applications, Economics Today: The Macro View is also a valuable resource for professionals seeking a current, real-world introduction to economics.

Economics Today -Bringing the Real World to Your Students

Students learn best when they see concepts applied to examples from their everyday lives. This new edition of Economics Today: The Micro View covers leading-edge issues while lowering barriers to student learning. The text relentlessly pursues the fundamental objective of showing students how economics is front and center in their own lives while providing them with many ways to evaluate their understanding of key concepts covered in each chapter.

Each chapter begins and ends with an Issues and Applications feature, which introduces a timely issue in the chapter opener and analyzes the issue using the economic tools learned in that chapter at the end. This text is also available with MyEconLab®, which includes assessment questions that tie to these Issues and Applications, as well as ABC News video clips. With MyEconLab, students can continue working problems online and receive personalized tutorial resources.

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