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Elementary Statistics - Package 12th Edition

Elementary Statistics - Package - 12th Edition - by Triola - ISBN 9780134029290
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Elementary Statistics - Package
12th Edition
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780134029290

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From SAT scores to job search methods, statistics influences and shapes the world around us. Marty Triola’s text continues to be the bestseller because it helps students understand the relationship between statistics and the world, bringing life to the theory and methods. Elementary Statistics raises the bar with every edition by incorporating an unprecedented amount of real and interesting data that will help instructors connect with students today, and help them connect statistics to their daily lives. The Twelfth Edition contains more than 1,800 exercises, 89% of which use real data and 85% of which are new. Hundreds of examples are included, 91% of which use real data and 84% of which are new. New coverage of Ethics in Statistics highlights new guidelines that have been established in industry.

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