Essentials of Oceanography (12th Edition) - 12th Edition - by Alan P. Trujillo, Harold V. Thurman - ISBN 9780134073545
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Essentials of Oceanography (12th Editio...
12th Edition
Alan P. Trujillo, Harold V. Thurman
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780134073545

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Chapter 2.3 - What Features Occur At Plate Boundaries?Chapter 2.4 - Testing The Model: How Can Plate Tectonics Be Used As A Working Model?Chapter 2.5 - How Has Earth Changed In The Past, And How Will It Look In The Future?Chapter 3.1 - What Techniques Are Used To Determine Ocean Bathymetry?Chapter 3.2 - What Features Exist On Continental Margins?Chapter 3.3 - What Features Exist In The Deep-ocean Basins?Chapter 3.4 - What Features Exist Along The Mid-ocean Ridge?Chapter 4.1 - How Are Marine Sediments Collected, And What Historical Events Do They Reveal?Chapter 4.2 - What Are The Characteristics Of Lithogenous Sediment?Chapter 4.3 - What Are The Characteristics Of Biogenous Sediment?Chapter 4.4 - What Are The Characteristics Of Hydrogenous Sediment?Chapter 4.5 - What Are The Characteristics Of Cosmogenous Sediment?Chapter 4.6 - How Are Pelagic And Neritic Deposits Distributed?Chapter 4.7 - What Resources Do Marine Sediments Provide?Chapter 5.1 - Why Does Water Have Such Unusual Chemical Properties?Chapter 5.2 - What Important Physical Properties Does Water Possess?Chapter 5.3 - How Salty Is Seawater?Chapter 5.4 - Why Does Seawater Salinity Vary?Chapter 5.5 - Is Seawater Acidic Or Basic?Chapter 5.6 - How Does Seawater Salinity Vary At The Surface And With Depth?Chapter 5.7 - How Does Seawater Density Vary With Depth?Chapter 5.8 - What Methods Are Used To Desalinate Seawater?Chapter 6.1 - What Causes Variations In Solar Radiation On Earth?Chapter 6.2 - What Physical Properties Does The Atmosphere Possess?Chapter 6.3 - How Does The Coriolis Effect Influence Moving Objects?Chapter 6.4 - What Global Atmospheric Circulation Patterns Exist?Chapter 6.5 - How Does The Ocean Influence Global Weather Phenomena And Climate Patterns?Chapter 6.6 - How Do Sea Ice And Icebergs Form?Chapter 6.7 - Can Power From Wind Be Harnessed As A Source Of Energy?Chapter 7.1 - How Are Ocean Currents Measured?Chapter 7.2 - What Creates Ocean Surface Currents And How Are They Organized?Chapter 7.3 - What Causes Upwelling And Downwelling?Chapter 7.4 - What Are The Main Surface Circulation Patterns In Each Ocean Basin?Chapter 7.5 - How Do Deep-ocean Currents Form?Chapter 7.6 - Can Power From Currents Be Harnessed As A Source Of Energy?Chapter 8.1 - How Are Waves Generated, And How Do They Move?Chapter 8.2 - What Characteristics Do Waves Possess?Chapter 8.3 - How Do Wind-generated Waves Develop?Chapter 8.4 - How Do Waves Change In The Surf Zone?Chapter 8.5 - How Are Tsunami Created?Chapter 8.6 - Can Power From Waves Be Harnessed As A Source Of Energy?Chapter 9.1 - What Causes Ocean Tides?Chapter 9.2 - How Do Tides Vary During A Monthly Tidal Cycle?Chapter 9.3 - What Do Tides Look Like In The Ocean?Chapter 9.4 - What Types Of Tidal Patterns Exist?Chapter 9.5 - What Tidal Phenomena Occur In Coastal Regions?Chapter 9.6 - Can Tidal Power Be Harnessed As A Source Of Energy?Chapter 10.1 - How Are Coastal Regions Defined?Chapter 10.2 - How Does Sand Move On The Beach?Chapter 10.3 - What Features Exist Along Erosional And Depositional Shores?Chapter 10.4 - How Do Changes In Sea Level Produce Emerging And Submerging Shorelines?Chapter 10.5 - How Does Hard Stabilization Affect Coastlines?Chapter 10.6 - What Are The Characteristics And Types Of Coastal Waters?Chapter 10.7 - What Issues Face Coastal Wetlands?Chapter 11.1 - What Is Pollution?Chapter 11.2 - What Marine Environmental Problems Are Associated With Petroleum Pollution?Chapter 11.3 - What Marine Environmental Problems Are Associated With Non-petroleum Chemical Pollution?Chapter 11.4 - What Marine Environmental Problems Are Associated With Nonpoint Source Pollution, Including Trash?Chapter 11.5 - What Marine Environmental Problems Are Associated With Biological Pollution?Chapter 11.6 - What Laws Govern Ocean Ownership?Chapter 12.1 - What Are Living Things, And How Are They Classified?Chapter 12.2 - How Are Marine Organisms Classified?Chapter 12.3 - How Many Marine Species Exist?Chapter 12.4 - How Are Marine Organisms Adapted To The Physical Conditions Of The Ocean?Chapter 12.5 - What Are The Main Divisions Of The Marine Environment?Chapter 13.1 - What Is Primary Productivity?Chapter 13.2 - What Kinds Of Photosynthetic Marine Organisms Exist?Chapter 13.3 - How Does Regional Primary Productivity Vary?Chapter 13.4 - How Are Energy And Nutrients Passed Along In Marine Ecosystems?Chapter 13.5 - What Issues Affect Marine Fisheries?Chapter 14.1 - How Are Marine Organisms Able To Stay Above The Ocean Floor?Chapter 14.2 - What Adaptations Do Pelagic Organisms Possess For Seeking Prey?Chapter 14.3 - What Adaptations Do Pelagic Organisms Possess To Avoid Being Prey?Chapter 14.4 - What Characteristics Do Marine Mammals Possess?Chapter 14.5 - An Example Of Migration: Why Do Gray Whales Migrate?Chapter 15.1 - What Communities Exist Along Rocky Shores?Chapter 15.2 - What Communities Exist Along Sediment-covered Shores?Chapter 15.3 - What Communities Exist On The Shallow Offshore Ocean Floor?Chapter 15.4 - What Communities Exist On The Deep-ocean Floor?Chapter 16.1 - What Comprises Earth’s Climate System?Chapter 16.2 - Earth’s Recent Climate Change: Is It Natural Or Caused By Human Influence?Chapter 16.3 - What Causes The Atmosphere’s Greenhouse Effect?Chapter 16.4 - What Changes Are Occurring In The Oceans As A Result Of Global Warming?Chapter 16.5 - What Should Be Done To Reduce Greenhouse Gases?

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Oceanography: The Geological, Chemical, Biological, and Physical. Essentials of Oceanography guides readers through the complexities of what lies beneath the ocean. With an interdisciplinary approach and accessible writing style, the text is engaging for all readers. The 12th Edition discusses the ocean's biological, chemical, geological, and physical components for an in-depth understanding of this vast and elaborate topic. Complex concepts are made engaging with extensively revised art and interactive study aids that keep readers interested and excited about the material.

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