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Excellence In Business Communication (9th Edition) 9th Edition

Excellence In Business Communication (9th Edition) - 9th Edition - by John V. Thill, Courtland L. Bovee - ISBN 9780136103769
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Excellence In Business Communication (9...
9th Edition
John V. Thill, Courtland L. Bovee
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780136103769

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Book Details

Table of Contents
Ch. 1 Communicating Successfully in an Organization 2
Ch. 2 Understanding Business Communication 21
Ch. 3 Communicating Interculturally 39
Ch. 4 Communicating Through Technology 59
Ch. 5 Planning Business Messages 76
Ch. 6 Composing Business Messages 94
Ch. 7 Revising Business Messages 116
Ch. 8 Writing Direct Requests 146
Ch. 9 Writing Routine, Good-News, and Goodwill Messages 170
Ch. 10 Writing Bad-News Messages 202
Ch. 11 Writing Persuasive Messages 232
Ch. 12 Writing Short Reports 264
Ch. 13 Planning Long Reports 294
Ch. 14 Writing Long Reports 319
Ch. 15 Writing Resumes and Application Letters 370
Ch. 16 Interviewing for Employment and Following Up 400
Ch. 17 Listening, Interviewing, and Conducting Meetings 426
Ch. 18 Giving Speeches and Oral Presentations 444
Appendix A Format and Layout of Business Documents 465
Appendix B Documentation of Report Sources 484
Appendix C Fundamentals of Grammar and Usage 495
Appendix D Correction Symbols 513
References R-1
Acknowledgments A-1
Indexes I-1

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