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Exercises For Weather & Climate (8th Edition) 8th Edition

Exercises For Weather & Climate (8th Edition) - 8th Edition - by Greg Carbone - ISBN 9780321769657
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Exercises For Weather & Climate (8th Ed...
8th Edition
Greg Carbone
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780321769657

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Book Details

Considered one of the best hands-on explorations of introductory meteorology concepts, this lab manual's 17 exercises encourage students to review important ideas and concepts through problem solving, simulations, and guided thinking. The graphics program and online interactive simulations and tutorials help students visualize and master key concepts. It is designed to complement any introductory meteorology or weather and climate text. TheEighth Editionretains Carbone's acclaimed combination of print labs with robust interactive digital modules, which promote critical thinking through data analysis, problem solving, and experimentation. It is updated throughout with the latest data and examples from the science, and includes many new exercises and new media in a new supporting website, including an entirely new lab on Forecasting. It is at a reduced price when packaged with selected Pearson Science texts.

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