Financial Accounting - 3rd Edition - by Jane L. Reimers - ISBN 9780133791129

Financial Accounting
3rd Edition
Jane L. Reimers
Publisher: Pearson Higher Ed
ISBN: 9780133791129

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Financial Accounting: A Business Process Approachexplains accounting concepts in a way all readers can understand by organizing the material around how a business works. Business: Whatrsquo;s It All About?; Qualities of Accounting Information; Accruals and Deferrals: Timing Is Everything in Accounting; Payment for Goods and Services: Cash and Accounts Receivable; The Purchase and Sale of Inventory; Acquisition and Use of Long-Term Assets; Accounting for Liabilities; Accounting for Shareholdersrsquo; Equity; Preparing and Analyzing the Statement of Cash Flows; Using Financial Statement Analysis to Evaluate Firm Performance; Quality of Earnings, Corporate Governance, and IFRS For readers interested in learning financial accounting through how businesses operate.

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Financial Accounting-w/cd-package
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ISBN: 9780131060876
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1st Edition
ISBN: 9780130676252
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8th Edition
ISBN: 9780558099572

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