Fundamentals Of Thermodynamics - 10th Edition - by Borgnakke,  C. (claus), Sonntag,  Richard Edwin,  Author. - ISBN 9781119494966
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Fundamentals Of Thermodynamics
10th Edition
Borgnakke, C. (claus), Sonntag, Richard Edwin, Author.
Publisher: Wiley,
ISBN: 9781119494966

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The field's leading textbook for more than three decades, Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics offers a comprehensive introduction to essential principles and applications in the context of engineering. Now in its Tenth Edition, this book retains its characteristic rigor and systematic approach to thermodynamics with enhanced pedagogical features that aid in student comprehension. Detailed appendices provide instant reference; chapter summaries review terminology, equations, and key concepts; and updated data and graphics increase student engagement while enhancing understanding.

Covering classical thermodynamics with a focus on practical applications, this book provides a basic foundational skillset applicable across a variety of engineering fields. Worked examples demonstrate the appropriate use of new formulas, while clarifying the proper approach to generalized problems of a relevant nature. Going beyond the usual guidance in the basics of the field, this book is designed as comprehensive preparation for more advanced study in students' engineering field of choice.

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