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GENERAL CHEMISTRY-MOD.MASTERINGCHEM. - 11th Edition - by Petrucci - ISBN 9780134193601
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11th Edition
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780134193601


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The most trusted general chemistry text in Canada is back in a thoroughly revised 11th edition.

Petrucci General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications is written for the student that has already studied some chemistry. Students with no prior background and those who could use a refresher will find that the early chapters develop fundamental concepts from the most elementary ideas. Students who do plan to become professional chemists will also find opportunities in the text to pursue their own special interests.

Petrucci General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications, is recognized for its superior problems, lucid writing, precision of argument, and precise and detailed treatment of the subject. The 11th edition offers enhanced hallmark features, new innovations and revised discussions that that respond to key market needs for detailed and modern treatment of organic chemistry, embracing the power of visual learning and conquering the challenges of effective problem solving and assessment. In every explanation, illustration, and media resource for General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications, 11e students and instructors benefit from the care and craftsmanship of an extraordinarily talented and collaborative authorial team of active researchers who also share a wealth of experience from regularly teaching the General Chemistry course for majors as well as non-majors.

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In periodic table, Krypton is present in 18 group and in 4 period. The symbol of Krypton is Kr...Lewis theory and valence bond theoryexplainabout covalent bonding. But the main difference is that...HCl is a polar moleculebecause electronegativities of H and Cl are significantly different....Given information: Number of particles = 5 1D box length = L When the length of the box is increased...The compound CaCO3 (s) is the only ionic compound among all the given compound.Water is a polar...The reversible reaction for the decomposition of carbonyl fluoride, COF2(g), into gaseous carbon...Nitrous acid HNO2 is the parent acid. The nitrous acid HNO2 loses one proton and it will form the...The complete dissociation of strong acid occurs in the solution, whereas weak acid is not able to...The dissociation reaction of Ag2SO4(s) is: Ag2SO4(s)⇌2Ag+(aq)+SO42-(aq) Thus, the products formed...If M displaces the Ag+(aq) the E°cell of given M reduction half-cell should be lower than the E°cell...The given reaction is, 2A+B→C+3D Substitute 2 for value of a, 1 for value of b, 1 for value of c,...Cesium metal is an alkali metal and it has the tendency to form a monovalent cation, namely Cs+...Generally, Metal + non-metal →Ionic compounds Non-metal +non-metal →Covalent compounds Thus,...The atomic number of Vanadium, V is 23. V is neutral atom, hence the total number of electrons = 23...The complex has Cr3+ as the central ion and two NH3 molecules and four Cl- ions as ligands...In β− emission, an electron is emitted from the nucleus. The given nucleus is 2655Fe here, atomic...There is a difference between structural formula and condensed formula. The formula which represents...Nucleophilic substitution reaction is defined as an organic reaction which includes the attack of a...

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