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Intro STATS [With Dvdrom] - 3rd Edition 3rd Edition

Intro STATS [With Dvdrom] - 3rd Edition - 3rd Edition - by De Veaux, Richard D., Velleman, Paul F., BOCK, David E. - ISBN 9780321500458
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Intro STATS [With Dvdrom] - 3rd Edition
3rd Edition
De Veaux, Richard D., Velleman, Paul F., BOCK, David E.
Publisher: Addison-Wesley, Lebanon, Indiana, U.S.A.
ISBN: 9780321500458

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Book Details

Table of Contents

I. Exploring and Understanding Data

1. Stats Starts Here

2. Data

3. Displaying and Describing Categorical Data

4. Displaying and Summarizing Quantitative Data

5. Understanding and Comparing Distributions

6. The Standard Deviation as a Ruler and the Normal Model

Review of Part I: Exploring and Understanding Data

II. Exploring Relationships between Variables

7. Scatterplots, Association, and Correlation

8. Linear Regression

9. Regression Wisdom

10. Re-expressing Data: Get It Straight!

Review of Part II: Exploring Relationships Between Variables

III. Gathering Data

11. Understanding Randomness

12. Sample Surveys

13. Experiments and Observational Studies

Review of Part III: Gathering Data

IV. Randomness and Probability

14. From Randomness to Probability

15. Probability Rules!

16. Random Variables

17. Probability Models

Review of Part IV: Randomness and Probability

V. From the Data at Hand to the World At Large

18. Sampling Distribution Models

19. Confidence Intervals for Proportions

20. Testing Hypotheses about Proportions

21. More about Tests

22. Comparing Two Proportions

Review of Part V: From the Data at Hand to the World at Large

VI. Learning about the World

23. Inferences about Means

24. Comparing Means

25. Paired Samples and Blocks

Review of Part VI: Learning About the World

VII. Inference When Variables are Related

26. Comparing Counts

27. Inferences for Regression

Review of Part VII: Inference When Variables Are Related

28. Analysis of Variance–on the CD

29. Multiple Regression–on the CD


A. Answers

B. Photo Acknowledgements

C. Index

D. Tables and Selected Formulas

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