Introductory Statistics (10th Edition) - 10th Edition - by Neil A. Weiss - ISBN 9780321989178
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Introductory Statistics (10th Edition)
10th Edition
Neil A. Weiss
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780321989178

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Weiss's Introductory Statistics, Tenth Edition, is the ideal textbook for introductory statistics classes that emphasize statistical reasoning and critical thinking. Comprehensive in its coverage, Weiss's meticulous style offers careful, detailed explanations to ease the learning process. With more than 1,000 data sets and over 3,000 exercises, this text takes a data-driven approach that encourages students to apply their knowledge and develop statistical understanding.


This text contains parallel presentation of critical-value and p-value approaches to hypothesis testing. This unique design allows the flexibility to concentrate on one approach or the opportunity for greater depth in comparing the two.

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Given info: The table represents the number of busy tellers observed during 25 spot checks....Given info: The table represents the percentages of on-time arrivals for June 2013 by the 16...Given info: The table listed the world’s richest people, and it represents their name, rank, age,...Descriptive measures: The measure that deals with quantitative data is known as descriptive...The probability of an event: The probability of an event is obtained as the ratio of favorable...Justification: Random variable: A random variable X is a numerical outcome of a probability...If a curve identifies the shape of the distribution of the variable, then it is said to be a density...Sampling error: When a sample is used to estimate a population characteristic the error resulting is...Confidence Interval: The confidence interval is the interval estimate of the population parameter....Null hypothesis: Null hypothesis is a statement about population parameter, its value is equal to...Strategies used for comparing the means of two populations based on independent samples: The samples...Justification: The chi-square distribution is used to make inferences for one population standard...Given info: In a poll conducted on the physicians which askedabout“Do you believe that the overall...Justification: As the number of degrees of freedom increases the chi-square curve looks like a...Given info: The linear equation is y=b0+b1x. Justification: In case of regression equation the...Given info: The random variable x is a predictor variable and the random variable y is a response...One-way ANOVA: One-way ANOVA is used to compare the means of two or more populations when the...Justification: Independent variable: An independent variable in the multiple regression analysis is...Justification: Intrinsically linear equation: A non-linear equation that can be transformed to the...Justification: Designed experiment: If an analyst can control the specifications of the treatments...

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