Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry - 7th Edition - by David L. Nelson, Michael M. Cox - ISBN 9781464126116
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Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry
7th Edition
David L. Nelson, Michael M. Cox
Publisher: W. H. Freeman
ISBN: 9781464126116

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Explanation: The differences in the definition of lipid, amino acid, nucleic acid, and protein are...Explanation: Single lipid molecule occupies the average area in the monolayer which could be...Explanation: The substance X is cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) and epinephrine hormone helps...Explanation: The fertilization of egg and formation of mature chick is the complete series of...The balanced biochemical equations for all the reactions in glucose catabolism to two molecules of...Explanation: The concentration of fructose- 6 -phosphate is 87 µM. The concentration of fructose-...Explanation: Enzymes used in TCA are citrate synthase, aconitase, isocitrate dehydrogenase, α-...The process of oxidation of fatty acids results in electron release from fatty acid which moves...Explanation: The structure of α-keto acid which results from the reaction of amino acids with...Explanation: The electron donor is the chemical species in a chemical reaction which donates the...Explanation: Photosynthesis is a process in which the solar energy that is sunlight is used for the...Explanation: The 16 carbon molecules of palmate are derived from 8 acetyl groups of 8 acetyl-CoA...Explanation: Root nodules contain bacteria maintain a “symbiotic relationship” with the pea plant...Explanation: Control of endocrine and osmoregulation in mammals is carried out by two...Explanation: The nucleotide pairs of T2 DNA molecule can be calculated as: Nucleotide...Explanation: Refer to Figure 25-2 “Meselson-Stahl experiment” in the textbook. In the...Explanation: The elongation of the RNA transcript in E.coli will run at the rate of about 50 to 90...Explanation: The amino acids specify by mRNA sequences are as follow: GGU CAG UCG CUC CUG AUU...Explanation: There are one or more regulatory gene outside of the operon that produce trans acting...

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