Loose Leaf For Integrated Principles Of Zoology - 18th Edition - by Cleveland P Hickman  Jr. Emeritus, Susan L. Keen, David J Eisenhour Professor PhD, Allan Larson, Helen I'Anson Associate Professor of Biology - ISBN 9781260411140
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Loose Leaf For Integrated Principles Of...
18th Edition
Cleveland P Hickman Jr. Emeritus, Susan L. Keen, David J Eisenhour Professor PhD, Allan Larson, Helen I'Anson Associate Professor of Biology
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 9781260411140

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Carolus Linnaeus’ concept of the hierarchical system of classification is used to arrange an...The unicellular eukaryotes are single-celled micro-organisms with a defined nucleus, mitochondria,...Animals are a multicellular eukaryotic organism that forms the biological kingdom of Animalia. Since...The body plans of most multicellular organisms exhibit some form of symmetry. It includes whether...The bilateral symmetry is the plane of symmetry that is the characteristic feature of the motile...The cycliophoran are the organisms that have been recently discovered and have a very peculiar...The acidic ocean causes the reduction of biological availability of the calcium, making its uptake...The phylum Annelida consists of species that have segmented bodies. Two other phyla also have...A tough, non-cellular, outer body layer of protostomes is called the cuticle. It is a non-living...Arthropods are bilaterally symmetrical, triploblastic organisms with an organ system level of body...Arthropods are the invertebrate species that are evolved to having a segmented body and exoskeleton....The characteristics that distinguish the hexapods from all other arthropods are: They possess three...Arrow worms consist of a head, trunk and postanal tail. Their head consists of a large depression...The three characteristics that are shared by deuterostomes that indicate the monophyletic group of...The fishes are defined as the aquatic vertebrates having gills as well as appendages in the form of...The characteristics of ancestral tetrapods that made possible evolution of breathing and support on...The derived features of amniotes are amniotic eggs, skeletal features, skin resistant to...Archaeopteryx fossil was discovered by the workman in the year 1861. Its fossil was a fortunate...The first group of amniotes that diversified extensively into terrestrial habitats is the synapsids....Structure of the arthropod exoskeleton: The arthropod exoskeleton comprised of a single-layered...Homeostasis is defined as the tendency of the body to maintain its internal temperature. Due to the...The electrolytes can be intracellular as well as extracellular. The chief intracellular electrolytes...The difference between the terms autotrophic and heterotrophic has been tabulated below:...Neuron: The neuron is a nerve cell that transmits electrical impulses. Axon: It is a part of a nerve...The first endocrinology experiment was conducted by Professor Arnold Adolph Berthold in the year...Susceptibility: Susceptibility is the term that represents the failure to remove the microbe before...No.CriteriaComparative psychologyBehavioral ecology1.DefinitionIt is the field which involves the...The following are the reasons for the absence of species from a particular habitat or region: Some...The study of the relation between a species and its associated physical environment is called...

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