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Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials 5th Edition

Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials - 5th Edition - by Serope Kalpakjian, Steven R. Schmid - ISBN 9780132272711
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Manufacturing Processes for Engineering...
5th Edition
Serope Kalpakjian, Steven R. Schmid
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780132272711

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Book Details

1 Introduction 1

2 Fundamentals of the Mechanical Behavior of Materials 27

3 Structure and Manufacturing Properties of Metals 85

4 Surfaces, Tribology, Dimensional Characteristics, Inspection, and Product Quality Assurance 135

5 Metal-Casting Processes and Equipment; Heat Treatment 191

6 Bulk Deformation Processes 267

7 Sheet-Metal Forming Processes 351

8 Material-Removal Processes: Cutting 425

9 Material-Removal Processes: Abrasive, Chemical, Electrical, and High-Energy Beams 537

10 Properties and Processing of Polymers and Reinforced Plastics; Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling 599

11 Properties and Processing of Metal Powders, Ceramics, Glasses, Composites, and Superconductors 687

12 Joining and Fastening Processes 753

13 Fabrication of Microelectronic, Micromechanical, and Microelectromechanical Devices; Nanomanufacturing 829

14 Automation of Manufacturing Processes and Operations 899

15 Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Systems 945

16 Product Design and Manufacturing in a Global Competitive Environment 985

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