Multivariable Calculus - 11th Edition - by Ron Larson, Bruce H. Edwards - ISBN 9781337275378

Multivariable Calculus
11th Edition
Ron Larson, Bruce H. Edwards
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781337275378

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Chapter 12.2 - Differentiation And Integration Of Vector-valued FunctionsChapter 12.3 - Velocity And AccelerationChapter 12.4 - Tangent Vectors And Normal VectorsChapter 12.5 - Arc Length And CurvatureChapter 13 - Functions Of Several VariablesChapter 13.1 - Introduction To Functions Of Several VariablesChapter 13.2 - Limits And ContinuityChapter 13.3 - Partial DerivativesChapter 13.4 - DifferentialsChapter 13.5 - Chain Rules For Functions Of Several VariablesChapter 13.6 - Directional Derivatives And GradientsChapter 13.7 - Tangent Planes And Normal LinesChapter 13.8 - Extrema Of Functions Of Two VariablesChapter 13.9 - Applications Of ExtremaChapter 13.10 - Lagrange MultipliersChapter 14 - Multiple IntegrationChapter 14.1 - Iterated Integrals And Area In The PlaneChapter 14.2 - Double Integrals And VolumeChapter 14.3 - Change Of Variables: Polar CoordinatesChapter 14.4 - Center Of Mass And Moments Of InertiaChapter 14.5 - Surface AreaChapter 14.6 - Triple Integrals And ApplicationsChapter 14.7 - Triple Integrals In Other CoordinatesChapter 14.8 - Change Of Variables: JacobiansChapter 15 - Vector AnalysisChapter 15.1 - Vector FieldsChapter 15.2 - Line IntegralsChapter 15.3 - Conservative Vector Fields And Independence Of PathChapter 15.4 - Green’s TheoremChapter 15.5 - Parametric SurfacesChapter 15.6 - Surface IntegralsChapter 15.7 - Divergence TheoremChapter 15.8 - Stokes’s TheoremChapter 16 - Additional Topics In Differential EquationsChapter 16.1 - Exact First-order EquationsChapter 16.2 - Second-order Homogeneous Linear EquationsChapter 16.3 - Second-order Nonhomogeneous Linear EquationsChapter 16.4 - Series Solutions Of Differential Equations

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