Operations Research : Applications and Algorithms - 4th Edition - by Wayne L. Winston - ISBN 9780534380588
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Operations Research : Applications and ...
4th Edition
Wayne L. Winston
Publisher: Brooks Cole
ISBN: 9780534380588

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Chapter 3.3 - Special CasesChapter 3.4 - A Diet ProblemChapter 3.5 - A Work-scheduling ProblemChapter 3.6 - A Capital Budgeting ProblemChapter 3.7 - Short-term Financial Planning‡Chapter 3.8 - Blending ProblemsChapter 3.9 - Production Process ModelsChapter 3.10 - Using Linear Programming To Solve Multiperiod Decision Problems: An Inventory ModelChapter 3.11 - Multiperiod Financial ModelsChapter 3.12 - Multiperiod Work SchedulingChapter 4 - The Simplex Algorithm And Goal ProgrammingChapter 4.1 - How To Convert An Lp To Standard FormChapter 4.4 - Why Does An Lp Have An Optimal Bfs?Chapter 4.5 - The Simplex AlgorithmChapter 4.6 - Using The Simplex Algorithm To Solve Minimization ProblemsChapter 4.7 - Alternative Optimal SolutionsChapter 4.8 - Unbounded LpsChapter 4.10 - Matrix Generators, Lingo, And Scaling Of LpsChapter 4.11 - Degeneracy And The Convergence Of The Simplex AlgorithmChapter 4.12 - The Big M MethodChapter 4.13 - The Two-phase Simplex MethodChapter 4.14 - Unrestricted-in-sign VariablesChapter 4.16 - Multiattribute Decision Making In The Absence Of Uncertainty: Goal ProgrammingChapter 4.17 - Using The Excel Solver To Solve LpsChapter 5 - Sensitivity Analysis: An Applied ApproachChapter 5.1 - A Graphical Introduction To Sensitivity AnalysisChapter 5.2 - The Computer And Sensitivity AnalysisChapter 5.3 - Managerial Use Of Shadow PricesChapter 6 - Sensitivity Analysis And DualityChapter 6.1 - A Graphical Introduction To Sensitivity AnalysisChapter 6.2 - Some Important FormulasChapter 6.3 - Sensitivity AnalysisChapter 6.4 - Sensitivity Analysis When More Than One Parameter Is Changed: The 100% RuleChapter 6.5 - Finding The Dual Of An LpChapter 6.6 - Economic Interpretation Of The Dual ProblemChapter 6.7 - The Dual Theorem And Its ConsequencesChapter 6.8 - Shadow PricesChapter 6.9 - Duality And Sensitivity AnalysisChapter 6.10 - Complementary SlacknessChapter 6.11 - The Dual Simplex MethodChapter 6.12 - Data Envelopment AnalysisChapter 7 - Transportation, Assignment, And Transshipment ProblemsChapter 7.5 - Assignment ProblemsChapter 9 - Integer ProgrammingChapter 9.6 - Solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems By The Branch-and-bound MethodChapter 11 - Nonlinear ProgrammingChapter 11.2 - Introductory ConceptsChapter 13.2 - Utility TheoryChapter 13.5 - Bayes’ Rule And Decision TreesChapter 14.4 - Two-person Nonconstant-sum GamesChapter 16.8 - (r, S) Periodic Review PolicyChapter 17 - Markov ChainsChapter 17.6 - Absorbing ChainsChapter 20.6 - The M/m/s/gd/∞/∞ Queuing SystemChapter 20.9 - Finite Source Models: The Machine Repair ModelChapter 23 - Simulation With The Excel Add-in @risk

Book Details

The market-leading textbook for the course, Winston's OPERATIONS RESEARCH owes much of its success to its practical orientation and consistent emphasis on model formulation and model building. It moves beyond a mere study of algorithms without sacrificing the rigor that faculty desire. As in every edition, Winston reinforces the book's successful features and coverage with the most recent developments in the field. The Student Suite CD-ROM, which now accompanies every new copy of the text, contains the latest versions of commercial software for optimization, simulation, and decision analysis.


  • NEW!-This edition places greater emphasis on spreadsheets, with more examples and instructions appearing throughout the text.
  • NEW!-The Student Suite CD-ROM that accompanies every new copy of the text contains the latest versions of commercial software, including LINDO, LINGO, Premium Solver, NeuralWorks Predict, DecisionTools Suite (@RISK, PrecisionTree, and BestFit), StatPro, and ProcessModel.
  • NEW!-Over 200 new exercises have been added, and hundreds have been revised.
  • NEW!-The text now includes output and instructions for using ProcessModel and @Risk, two popular professional simulation software packages.
  • NEW!-Many new examples are taken from hot emerging disciplines such as financial engineering.
  • The book's emphasis on model formulation and model building throughout reinforces the practical approach taken by this text.
  • The rich and thorough examples and exercises offer excellent applications to industry.

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Corresponding editions of this textbook are also available below:
Student Suite Cd-rom For Winston's Operations Research: Applications And Algorithms
4 Edition
ISBN: 9780534423551

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