Physical Universe - 16th Edition - by KRAUSKOPF,  Konrad B. (konrad Bates), Beiser,  Arthur - ISBN 9780077862619
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Physical Universe
16th Edition
KRAUSKOPF, Konrad B. (konrad Bates), Beiser, Arthur
Publisher: Mcgraw-hill Education,
ISBN: 9780077862619

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The Physical Universe, 16e by Konrad Krauskopf and Arthur Beiser is an outstanding text with a long history that has been updated and given a fresh look. This edition is also accompanied by a strong media component with the Connect online homework system and LearnSmart Smartbook. Aimed at presenting the essentials of physics, chemistry, earth science, and astronomy in a clear, easy-to-understand way, The Physical Universe shows students how science works, how scientists approach problems, and why science constantly evolves in its search for understanding.

Sample Solutions for this Textbook

We offer sample solutions for Physical Universe homework problems. See examples below:

Given Info: Two thermometers, one calibrated in °F and the other in °C, are used to measure the same...Write the expression for the expression for the heat liberated when temperature of a substance...Given info: The length, width and the thickness of the raft is 3 m, 2 m and 30 cm respectively and...Given info: The volume of the tank is 200 L and the mass of the tank is 36 kg and the density of...Given info: The initial volume of hydrogen is 1000 cm3 and the temperature is 0°C. Write the...Given info: The samples are 1 kg of ice at 0°C and 1 kg of steam at 100°C. Write the expression for...Given data: From the given data, the charge’s nature on an electron is to be determined. The...Given data: Protons and electrons have different masses. From the given data, it is required to...Given data: From the given data, it is required to compare the electric force acts between a proton...Given data: F=0.002 NR=1 cm Formula used: Consider the expression for the electrostatic force...Given data: Q1=1×10−5 CQ2=−2×10−5 CR=10 cm Formula used: Consider the expression for the...Amplitude is the distance from the central line of crest of one wave to central line of crest of...Given info: The separation between the headlights is 1.5 m, the diameter of pupil is 8 mm and the...Ernest Rutherford proposed the Rutherford’s model of atom. An atom has electrons, neutrons and...The gravitational force between two protons in a nucleus is too weak in comparison with the...Given Info: When a photon of sufficient energy incident on a metal surface, its energy is...Given Info: The mass of earth is 6×1024 kg , orbital speed is 3×104 m/s and value of h is...All matter in the universe is made up of atoms. Compounds can be broken down into simpler substance...The given equation is, Ca + [?]H2O → Ca(OH)2 + H2 To find the missing number in the above equation,...The given equation is, 4NH3 + 3O2 → 2N2 + [?]H2O To find the missing number in the above equation,...Solid is one of the physical state of matter. Solid consists of atoms, ions, or molecules that are...Combustion is burning of anything. This is a process which takes place in presence of oxygen. Oxygen...Mole of any elements is defined as “The amount of the element whose, mass in grams is equal to the...All matter in the universe is made up of atoms. Organic chemistry is a part of science that deals...The Earth’s atmosphere is an undetectable envelope of gas that is scarcely felt aside from when a...The outer part of the Earth is called the crust is almost composed of rock. Earth’s crust consists...Given Info: A crack in the Earth’s crust along which the movement has taken place. The Earth’s layer...Comets are the transient visitors that constitute the night sky apart from stars, planets and moon....It is possible to use both mirrors and telescope lens in order to observe the objects in the...Stars are present in galaxies. The spaces between galaxies are mostly empty space. These stars are...

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