Prealgebra - 8th Edition - by Martin-Gay,  K. Elayn - ISBN 9780134707648
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8th Edition
Martin-Gay, K. Elayn
Publisher: Pearson,
ISBN: 9780134707648

Solutions for Prealgebra

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More Editions of This Book

Corresponding editions of this textbook are also available below:
Prealgebra (custom Edition For Pasadena City College)
5 Edition
ISBN: 9780536461759
2 Edition
ISBN: 9780130202215
3 Edition
ISBN: 9780130264626
Prealgebra- W/cd+webct (new)
4 Edition
ISBN: 9780131535879
93 Edition
ISBN: 9780136898528
Prealgebra (7th Edition)
7 Edition
ISBN: 9780321955043
Prealgebra (hardcover) (8th Edition)
8 Edition
ISBN: 9780134708799
Prealgebra (the Martin-gay Paperback Series)
6 Edition
ISBN: 9780321628862

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