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Precalculus 17th Edition

Precalculus - 17th Edition - by Miller,  Julie, Gerken,  Donna. - ISBN 9780078035609
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17th Edition
Miller, Julie, Gerken, Donna.
Publisher: Mcgraw-hill Education,
ISBN: 9780078035609

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Julie Miller wrote her developmental math series because students were coming into her Precalculus course underprepared. They weren’t mathematically mature enough to understand the concepts of math nor were they fully engaged with the material. She began her developmental mathematics offerings with intermediate algebra to help bridge that gap. The Precalculus series is a carefully constructed end to that bridge that uses the highly effective pedagogical features from her fastest growing developmental math series. What sets Julie Miller’s series apart is that it addresses course issues through an author-created digital package that maintains a consistent voice and notation throughout the program. This consistency--in videos, PowerPoints, Lecture Notes, and Group Activities--coupled with the power of ALEKS and Connect Hosted by ALEKS, ensures that students master the skills necessary to be successful in Precalculus and can carry them through to the calculus sequence.

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