PRINC OF ECONOMICS PKG >CUSTOM< - 7th Edition - by Mankiw - ISBN 9781305018549
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7th Edition
Publisher: CENGAGE C
ISBN: 9781305018549


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Explanation: Sub part (c): The statement “Hillary’s newly cut lawn makes her neighborhood more...Explanation: Option (a): Private goods have the characteristics of excludability and rivalry....Explanation: Option (b): Personal income tax and payroll taxes for social insurance are the two...Explanation: Option (a): When Xavier spend $10 for ingredients and sell $60 worth of lemonade, then...Explanation: Option (c): The competitive firm deals with the large number of buyers and sellers who...Explanation: Option (d): Natural monopoly exists due to higher cost of production, and an increase...Explanation: Option (b): Similar to monopoly, monopolistic markets are price setters, rather than...Explanation: Sub part (d): In an oligopoly, there are few numbers of sellers selling identical...Explanation: Option (c): The share of national income paid to a worker against owners of capital and...Explanation: Option (b) Education is an important human capital because it represents an expenditure...Explanation: Option (b): Poverty line is the line that determines the minimum income required to...Explanation: Option (d): The budget constraint is the constraint which is due to the budget of the...Explanation: Option (b): Elaine, the buyer of health insurance knows more about her own health...Explanation: GDP is the summation of money value of all the goods and services that are produced by...Explanation: Option (c) CPI and GDP deflator both measures the overall level of prices in the...Explanation: Option (b) In the United States over the past century, average income measured by real...Explanation: Both the Stocks and the Bonds are the financial market instruments used by the people...Explanation: Option (b): Present value of money can be calculated as follows. Present value=Future...Explanation: Option (a): The person who is not currently at work but who has actively worked during...Explanation: Any commodity or item that a community accepts as payment for the goods and services is...Explanation: Option (d): According to the principle of monetary neutrality, only nominal variables...Explanation: While comparing the US economy today to that of 1950, as a percentage of GDP, the...Explanation: The foreign exchange market is the place of market where the participants are able to...Explanation: The recession is an important part of the business cycle in the economy. It is the...Explanation: Option (b): By the theory of liquidity preference, an increase in the money supply...Option (b): When the Federal Reserve increases the money supply and expands aggregate demand, it...Explanation: Option (b): Many studies suggest that it takes at least 6 months for the monetary...

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