Programming and Problem Solving With C++ - 6th Edition - by Nell Dale - ISBN 9781449694265

Programming and Problem Solving With C++
6th Edition
Nell Dale
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 9781449694265

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The best-selling Programming and Problem Solving with C++, now in it's Sixth Edition, remains the clearest introduction to C++, object-oriented programming, and software development available. Renowned author team Nell Dale and Chip Weems are careful to include all topics and guidelines put forth by the ACM/IEEE to make this text ideal for the one- or two-term CS1 course. Their philosophy centers on making the difficult concepts of computer science programming accessible to all students, while maintaining the breadth of detail and topics covered.Key Features:-The coverage of advanced object-oriented design and data structures has been moved to later in the text.-Provides the highly successful concise and student-friendly writing style that is a trademark for the Dale/Weems textbook series in computer science.-Introduces C++ language constructs in parallel with the appropriate theory so students see and understand its practical application.-Strong pedagogical elements, a hallmark feature of Dale/Weems' successful hands-on teaching approach, include Software Maintenance case studies, Problem-Solving case studies, Testing & Debugging exercises, Exam Preparation exercises, Programming Warm-up exercises, Programming Problems, Demonstration Projects, and Quick Check exercises.-A complete package of student and instructor resources include a student companion website containing all the source code for the programs and exercises in the text, additional appendices with C++ reference material and further discussion of topics from the text, and a complete digital lab manual in C++. Instructors are provided all the solutions to the exercises in the text, the source code, a Test Bank, and PowerPoint Lecture Outlines organized by chapter.

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Programming and Problem Solving with C++: Comprehensive
6th Edition
ISBN: 9781284076592

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