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Society: The Basics (14th Edition) 14th Edition

Society: The Basics (14th Edition) - 14th Edition - by John J. Macionis - ISBN 9780134206325
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Society: The Basics (14th Edition)
14th Edition
John J. Macionis
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780134206325

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See sociology in everyday life. Society: The Basics utilizes a complete theoretical framework and a global perspective to offer students an accessible and relevant introduction to sociology. John Macionis, author of the best-selling Introductory Sociology franchise over the last three decades, empowers students to see the world around them through a sociological lens, helping them to better understand their own lives. Informative as well as engaging, Society: The Basics will change the way readers see the world, and open the door to a new perspective and new opportunities. In addition to extensively updated data, the Fourteenth Edition offers engaging discussions of hot-button contemporary topics such as the increased proliferation of social media as well as expanded coverage of race, class, and gender.

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