Software Engineering (10th Edition) - 10th Edition - by Ian Sommerville - ISBN 9780133943030
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Software Engineering (10th Edition)
10th Edition
Ian Sommerville
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780133943030

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The Fundamental Practice of Software Engineering

Software Engineering introduces readers to the overwhelmingly important subject of software programming and development. In the past few years, computer systems have come to dominate not just our technological growth, but the foundations of our world's major industries. This text seeks to lay out the fundamental concepts of this huge and continually growing subject area in a clear and comprehensive manner.


The Tenth Edition contains new information that highlights various technological updates of recent years, providing readers with highly relevant and current information. Sommerville's experience in system dependability and systems engineering guides the text through a traditional plan-based approach that incorporates some novel agile methods. The text strives to teach the innovators of tomorrow how to create software that will make our world a better, safer, and more advanced place to live.

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Importance of software dependability: Software dependability is a measure of software’s...Reliability Specifications: Reliability testing is used to measure the reliability of the system. It...Six consumer products controlled by the safety critical system: Microwave oven Disposal of garbage...Explain the important differences between application security engineering and infrastructure...Recognition: In this type of strategy, the operators of the system detect any possible issues which...Technical and non-technical issues: Technical issues: These issues focus on how to reuse the...‘provides’ interface: It is the interface that defines the services that are provided by the...Scalability: Scalability is nothing but an attribute that has the ability to grow and administer...Distinctions between Services and software components: Some of the critical distinctions between...Complex Socio-technical systems in Government: A complex organization design that recognizes the...Importance of Managerial and operational independence: Managerial and operational independence are...Real-time systems using concurrent processes: A real-time system is one where it has to respond...Intangibility of software systems: In shipbuilding or civil engineering project, the unfinished...Circumstances: The circumstances where a company might charge higher price for a software system are...High quality software process and products: The manufacturing process includes information related...Problems: The problem that could arise when a company does not develop effective configuration...

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