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  • Experience Of My Learning Experience

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    My most memorable moments occurred during my elementary school years because most of the learning was combined with fun school trips. I remember learning about Native Americans and the way they survived in the wild. I was amazed to learn about them and the tools they made as well. The baskets, fishing, and use of acorns for food. We were able to learn about the importance of knowing of those who came before us. Also, about the close knit families they had and traditions. The historically aspect

  • Learning Experience : My Educational Experience As An Adult Learning

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    The first time as an adult learning or I thought it was adult learning was when I was in my mid-thirties. Here I am again many years later back at it again. This time is totally different than the prior years. I was a part-time student, married, working and raising our children. My major was Criminal Justice and I took classes on campus. At that time the adjustment to going back to college didn’t seem difficult to me at all. It almost gave me the feeling of being back in a high school setting

  • Informal Learning Experience

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    Informal Learning Experience Objective The objective of this study is to examine an informal learning experience such as how someone might have a fear of height or how a particular food or smell moves the individual emotionally or why someone develops the fear of elevators. For the purpose of this study the reason an individual would fear public speaking is examined and the importance of informal learning for gaining experience and confidence in public speaking. Informal Learning I. The informal

  • My Learning Experience

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    essay consist of experiences during my high school career that have changed my perspective on learning and critical thinking. The following questions are addressed in the assignment; How has my high school experience in and out of class influenced my development as a person?. What were my most challenging experiences? How has developing an educational plan enhanced my vision of a postsecondary future? How have I been of service to my community and what have I learned from this experience? My school has

  • Learning Experience Reflection

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    I believe that true learning requires much more than simply listening to a lecture, reading from a book, or watching a video. While these all may be involved in the process of learning, hands-on experience and a real desire for knowledge of the subject are needed to truly learn. Whether in the classroom or clinical setting, I believe that the process of learning should not be static, but rather fluid in the sense that questions should be asked back and forth between educator and student. A dialogue

  • Learning Experience Reflection

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    last several weeks of learning. Was my time in the classroom a productive learning experience? How can I use the last few weeks of internship to strengthen my teaching skills? Finally, how does positive academic notes effect the students as well as my perspective as a teacher? As I think about my time in the classroom, I can make positive changes in my life as well as in the life of my students when I am willing to change. Lat week, I had a memorable learning experience that changed my perspective

  • Reflection On Experience And Learning

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    Going back to what were my beliefs about experience and learning meant to me, I still feel that experience and learning has always been a part of life. We learn in different ways and process different understandings differently. But as I furthered my knowledge on how experience and learning in adulthood are understood, I have learned much more. In the beginning of this course, I looked at experiences and learning in the perspective of how children would learn (pedagogy). I say this because

  • The Importance Of Learning Experience

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    update learning (NMC, 2010), and student nurses, as adult learners and aspiring professionals, need to start developing themselves within the culture of lifelong learning in the workplace and take responsibility for their learning (Hinchliff, 2004). This is possible with effective communication in sharing appropriate experience, skills, and knowledge to facilitate best practice and enhance learning opportunities (NMC, 2008). The purpose of this essay is to analyse a specific episode of learning event

  • Paint Learning Experience

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    Why did you choose this particular photo to represent your Learning Experience? I chose this photo because the children truly enjoyed being able to do whatever they wanted with the paint; K really wanted to pour some of the paint directly onto the paper. What the photograph makes visible about the worth of process-oriented, open-ended work for both arts and social studies for preschool children? When children have the freedom to express themselves through a material, they will be more likely

  • My Learning Experience

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    Since I was a young girl, learning was something necessary to do in order to mature into my own self. It's something us as humans do to evolve from our younger selves. From learning to talk, walk ,and read we learn many things throughout our lifetime to be the person we are today. Learning is the key to life. Learning makes us progress. Riding a bicycle was a learning experience that I might never forget it. Learning to ride a bicycle is not as easy as it sounds. I was around the age of ten when