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  • New York City : A Comparison Of New York City

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    Century, authors Charles Dickens and Alexander Mackay traveled to New York City to learn about the people and their growing infrastructure. Through Mackay’s writing, he told us about what made Americans and residents proud to be apart of New York City. Opposite to Mackay, Dickens wrote about the negatives of New York City and the areas that had less attention. His work was very critical of New York City, including the comparison to other cities such as Boston. Both Mackay and Dickens focused mostly on the

  • The City Of New York City

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    person as they walk the streets of New York City. The rush of a city can often be overwhelming. Even though that may be true, 80.7 percent of the U.S. population lived in urban areas as of the 2010 Census. Living in New York City is better than living in a Haysi. Living in a city offers many more conveniences, opportunities, and more diversity. Living in a city offers many amenities and service that might very well not be available in a rural area. New York City for example, has terrible traffic

  • City In New York City

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    Every city has more than one story to tell, more than one face to show. In “Mexican Manifesto,” Bolaño’s narrator tells us that “[j]ust as the hidden face of other cities is in theatres, parks, docks, beaches, labyrinths, churches, brothels, bars, cheap cinemas, old buildings, even supermarkets, the hidden face of Mexico City could be found in the enormous web of public baths, legal, semi legal, and clandestine.” Likewise, the hidden face of New York City lies within parks, museums, restaurants,

  • New York City

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    New York City and its immigrants are the central topic in Garnette Cadogan's essay "How to Walk Around the World Without Leaving New York". Immigrants consist of Native Americans, Refugees, and Tourists who choose to build a life in the Big Apple. Diversity, adventure, and sense of home are just a few of the many offerings that the city provides its inhabitants. Improving my claim, I selected several examples from Garnette Cadogan's essay. Diversity is the mixture of races and religions that make

  • New York City

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    on a daily basis. It is more common in the projects, it sure is rough living there. A Lot of people’s goal is to make it out, but not a lot of people make it out alive. Living in public housing wasn't the best thing in the world. The projects in New York would have poor living conditions like the elevators smelled like weed and people would have gotten stuck in the elevator. You have to push the emergency 911 button and the firefighters will come. The stairs are really dirty and filled with pee,

  • New York City

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    populated cities that are in two different countries, and both they speak English differently. London and New York are these options because of the culture that they have, and also, there are very opportunities there, and right now, New York City is looking more favorable because it would be easier to get there. One of the main reasons that New York looks more promising, is because of the culture and because you can do many things, even at night (Rosenbaum). Whenever people talk about New York, we think

  • New York City

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    going to focus closer on some major cities in the United States. Gastronomy and Culture in the United States New York City is a huge city with a big name to uphold. The population of 8 million, not including the tourists, has high expectations of a great culture and food. New York is known for bringing recipes and cultures from all over the world and then recreating them to make it their own. There is almost every kind of food you could think of around New York, along with a certain place that specializes

  • New York City

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    In modern day society, New York City is known for its hustle, bustle and immense steel towers that overshadow paved streets and crowded sidewalks. Moreover, when New York comes to mind green, eco-friendly living is not the first thing most people think about. However, it is in New York's best interest to change that viewpoint. Due to overpopulation and increase in public draw, New York has taken its turn towards becoming a metropolitan waste land, and it is imperative that there be changes made.

  • New York City

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    I have a lot of dreams. These dreams are a bit scattered to the winds at the moment, but I can pin down at least one of them: my dream to go to New York City. Despite the fact that New York is many miles away, I still find myself wanting to go there. I don’t have family there, or anything easily nailed down like that. Instead, I want to go to that city for a few touchy-feely reasons that can only be explained with a bit of personal context. It’s a bit hard to describe my dream (since it’s more of

  • New York City

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    What connects New York, Florida, Texas and California. They all vary in size and location, not to mention they are far away from each other on a map. What connects them is their population, they’re the four most populated states in the U.S, in fact they’re combined population exceeds over 80 million, but that begs a question. Why do so many people choose to live in those places? What is so special about them? Perhaps this essay will enlighten you. Who doesn’t love New York? Probably know best for