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    Growing up on a farm has allowed me to learn about many different types of animals. Starting from the beginning of my animal ownership starts with George and Washington. Living on the farm barn cats were always around. When I was about three years old I found these two fur balls. No, I was not a historical genius at the age of three to name them George and Washington, so my dad did. George was grey with beautiful big eyes. Sadly, Washington did not fare so well in appearance. He looked a bit grungy

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    Humans enjoy participating in a large amount of activities, whether it be for competition or just for leisure. One of these many activities is swimming. When swimming just for fun, humans can participate in activities such as swimming in the ocean, swimming at local pools, swimming in lakes, and even swimming in rivers. The only problem that humans have when it comes to being in the water is that it is physically impossible for someone to stay underwater for an extended period of time. Most humans

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    Osmoregulation as a Homeostatic Mechanism using the Comparitive Melting-Point Method for two Crab Species. Abstract Two crab species, Plagusia and Cyclograpsus, were collected from a local estuary in the littoral and deep water zone for osmoregulation studies. To examine differences in osmoregulatory mechanisms among the species, haemolymph of the specimens was extracted once they were acclimated to varying concentrations of seawater. Using the comparative melting-point, capillary tubes were

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