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  • I Am A College Gymnast

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    I opened my eyes, slowing bringing my hands into visible sight only to see them covered with blood, then I blacked out once again. Wednesday, April 7th, 1994 started out like any other day, I was attending Jr. hHigh sSchool, in St. George Utah. As a I was a young 12 year old girl that was obsessed with gymnastics, I breathed it, studied it, and lioved it. Gymnastics was my Life.! I daydreamed about competing in front of hundreds of people, lights dimmed down, the spotlight right on me as I

  • What Is Love? Baby, Don 't Hurt Me No More By Trinidadian German Musician Haddaway

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    “What is love? Baby, don 't hurt me. Don 't hurt me no more” (Halligan 1993). These well-known lyrics sung by Trinidadian-German musician Haddaway describes a relational situation in which one side of the relationship is hurting the other individual in some way. Humans crave love and affection yet at times this craving can goes as far as becoming infidelity in a committed relationship. Relational maintenance is a major part of a romantic relationship and McCornack (2013) states, “Relational maintenance

  • The Great Gatsby Analysis

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    The song What Is Love by Haddaway relates to the book because it can describe how Gatsby feels after Daisy confesses that she did in fact love Tom at some point in time. After Daisy tells Gatsby that “’I did love him once—but I loved you too’” (Fitzgerald 132). At this point Gatsby is thinking “What is love?” (Haddaway). When Gatsby replies with, “’You love me too?”’ (Fitzgerald 132). This is Gatsby’s way of saying “Baby, don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more” (Haddaway). Gatsby does not want Daisy

  • Fire Imagery In Aeneas And Creusa

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    As singer Alexander Nestor Haddaway once sang, “What is love?” It is an enduring question, and one that many artists have attempted to answer throughout the centuries. Today however, the focus is on one artist (Virgil), one book (The Aeneid), and one character (Aeneas). According to Aeneas, there are two fundamental kinds of love, passionate love and pious love. With the use of fire imagery, Virgil makes references to these two forms of love. However, he makes it clear that they are very different

  • Importance Of Muslim Values In The Arabian Nights

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    The Arabian Nights also known as 1001 nights is a collection of entertaining and meaningful stories within stories translated by Husian Haddawy. According to Haddawy, “The stories in The Arabian Nights are works that have been collected over centuries from India, Persia, and Arabia”. The stories in the book are not only entertaining but are also meaningful. Even though The Arabian Nights does not relate to the Quran, there are important Muslim values that are emphasized in the stories, and these

  • The American View Of Marriage

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    The American view of marriage, generally the companionate marriage, is the most prevalent in my mind. Marriage between two people, generally one man and one woman, who work together. Now, marriage can even be between two partners of the same sex. Today, communication and expression of feelings are two things strongly stressed in marriages. These marital values are contrasted by seventeenth- and eighteenth-century America, when people, according to Coontz, “wanted a mate who did not pry too deeply

  • Theme Of Romantic Love In Don Quixote

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    Romantic Love in Don Quixote “What is love? / Baby don't hurt me / Don't hurt me / No more.” What Is Love by Haddaway. Romantic Love is what gives a story a purpose and sense of emotion. When thinking of Romantic Love, people describe it as two people in a relationship who love each other so much. They can be specific and say it is a relationship between two heterosexual people or it can be between two homosexual people. Romantic Love can be anything and throughout this essay I will be analyzing

  • Lady With Lapdog By Anton Chekhov

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    Bad Romance As Haddaway once said, “what is love? Baby, don 't hurt me, don 't hurt me - no more.” Everyone has a different perspective of what love really is. People can fall in love or believe they are in love because of physical attraction. Some may believe that lust can become into something more. In the short story, “Lady with Lapdog” by Anton Chekhov translated by David Magarshack, the main protagonist Gurov is married with a twelve-year-old daughter and two sons. He is not extremely

  • Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of People With Piercings

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    As time has gone by people have changed, it is now common to see piercings in both men and women, the truth is that more than 23% of Americans has or has had a piercing in their life. Although a great amount of the population has had a piercing in her life, why are there so many misconception and stereotypes about people with piercings? Misconceptions is a view or opinion that is incorrect because it 's based on faulty thinking or understanding. Then there 's stereotypes, stereotypes are usually