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  • The Importance Of Art In Schools?

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    Art in schools? Imagine a child laboring the school work load for one hundred and eighty days out of the year. They have only core classes and work very hard to excel, but feel as though something is missing. This child is very stressed about upcoming tests and midterms and feels overwhelmed. What the child needs is a creative outlet, but then the question is how does one fit time for this in school. The simple answer would be that it would be provided by the schools, however some do not believe

  • The Importance Of Art In Schools

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    Director of Fine Arts for Katy ISD in 2000, emphasises the importance of utilizing art in schools’ curriculums: “The arts are what make us most human, most complete as people. The arts cannot be learned through occasional or random exposure any more than math or science can” (Bryant). Art is a way of expression and leads to acquiring a deeper understanding of the details , presented to us, in life. Why is that on the first day of preschool, teachers teach through the help of art? The foundation of

  • Arts In Schools

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    some of the key subjects taught in schools. Students learn many skills needed for college in these courses. However, students cannot be truly prepared unless they have had the opportunity to express their creativity throughout elementary and high school. Many people support keeping the arts in schools because of the opportunities these programs provide students of all ages with. Though money might be an issue when it comes to supporting and funding the arts in schools, there are ways to overcome these

  • Art In Public Schools

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    When you think about an art museum, a certain atmosphere comes to mind. White rooms, well dressed people walking from painting to painting, quietly discussing things like ‘artist's gaze’ and ‘impressionist inspired modernism.’ If you are like most people, this atmosphere is probably not one you think of with great affection. It is not welcoming or accessible to people without a fine arts education, a demographic also known as most Americans. In a study done at the Gardner Museum in Boston “60% of

  • Benefits Of Art Therapy In Schools

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    Art therapy programs in schools. Moreover, with the organization ATWB gaining awareness in the schools would subsequently add up to an overall increase in art therapy. “To use art, counselors need to learn how to integrate art therapeutically into counseling. In using art, they need to emphasize process over product and clarify the potential benefits to the student. It has been suggested that art therapy fits nicely into the American School Counselor Association’s national standards.” (Howard, 2017)

  • Fine Arts In Public Schools

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    The fine arts program in public schools is detrimental to the success of students. Studies have shown that 90 percent or more of secondary schools offer instruction in music or the visual arts. With this many schools offering music in their curriculum there are numerous students that take these classes yearly. Taking away this classes would rob youth of their chance to excel in something other than academics. The fine arts program has multiple benefits to students. Youth who take music, art, and/or

  • The Benefits Of Arts Education In Schools

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    everywhere and everything is influenced by art. From local advertisement posters to world-wide famous sculptures, art is always playing a role. Unfortunately, art education fundings for schools have recently dropped by 50-70% (D’Amico). Because of this decrease, it could be detrimental to students by stripping them of their knowledge on arts. In schools, art has a huge part in giving students all their needs in order to succeed in their future lives. Arts education benefits students by three major

  • The Importance Of The Arts At School

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    Importance of the Arts in School People often view artistic activities as a leisure activity, so though they may agree it is a nice thing to have, they may not think it is essential to a person’s life. It is the same for schools, with tight budgets, art is usually the first subject cut from a student’s learning experience because it is not viewed as a priority. However, with all of the academic benefits students can gain from being involved in any type of art subject, it is important that schools allow students

  • The Importance Of The Arts In Schools

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    The arts programs offered in schools for pre-K to 12th grade students is a vital part of their overall education. As educators and representatives for our young individuals, it is our job to ensure that these children not only receive the best education they can, but that they are emotionally, physically, and spiritually growing and flourishing as well. A child can only become a well-rounded individual and student if they receive a well-rounded and forward-thinking education. Furthermore, with some

  • Liberal Arts In Schools

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    consider the arts to be vital to providing a well-rounded education for children and a critical link to learning and success” (“Why” par. 3). Going against this though, school budgets give less to arts programs each year. This can be exemplified in the lack of liberal arts programs that schools across the country are able to provide. In 2009, a mere four percent of schools offered theater classes and an even lower three percent offered dance classes (Metla par. 3) Of course the school must give time