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  • My Sport Is Swimming

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    have four different styles, which you use to get yourself further. The styles are: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Freestyle has been invented first, and is the most popular and effective way of swimming. As other styles were invented over the time, butterfly was the last style to be officially accepted as the one of them. Butterfly itself, is a fixed version of breaststroke, which is calmer than the new version of the style. Butterfly is officially the second

  • Persuasive Speech On Swimming

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    As the buzzer bleeps the people are blasting from the wall. They treaded through the water just like sharks chasing their prey. The audience is staying still wondering who will win. Swimmer 3 is in the lead. Wow! Swimmer 5 just passed Swimmer 4 and all the way up to Swimmer 3. Swimmer 5 is just about to finish, but Swimmer 3 is on his tail. Swimmer 1 and 2 should speed it up or it’s over. Swimmer 5 is almost there. 25 meters away, 15 meters away, 10 and 5 meters. Finished! Super! Swimmer 3 beat Swimmer

  • Different Forms For Swimming : The Importance Of Swimming

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    typically swum in filtered swimming pools, but sometimes competitions can take place in open bodies of water. The overall objective is to swim faster than your competition. The race can be swum in different forms; the butterfly stroke, backstroke, breaststroke, front crawl, freestyle, an individual medley, and a relay race. Swimming each stroke requires specific techniques, and in competition, there are specific regulations concerning the acceptable form for the different strokes. A front crawl calls

  • The Swimming Event Of Doom

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    asked me what my biggest fear is I would often lie and say I was deadly afraid of spiders or the dark. But, there was actually a real fear which I obtained. It was the 200 IM, a swimming event which consists of 50 yard of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Every swimmer has that one event which the dread or wish didn 't exist. For different swimmers, this “Event of Doom” may vary from the 500 yard freestyle or the 200 yard butterfly. For some there may be a story behind their reason

  • The Benefits Of Swimming As A Sport In History

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    to evolve throughout history. It became known as a sport and it benefited many people. When the sport first began there was very few races and there wasn’t many strokes or ways of swimming. As it developed in the 19th century there was only the “breaststroke” which was used by the British, and the “front crawl” which was mostly used by the Americans, West Africans, and Pacific Islanders. Swimming pools, not much later, were being built. When competitions began, it was only for men. The Olympics for

  • Informative Speech On Swimming

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    Homework 8a speech 2 Luke Hightower 9-29-17 Attention Getter: Ladies and gentlemen my name is Luke Hightower and i am hear to talk to you about swimming now let's dive ring in to this speech. Credibility statement: Ever since the 6th grade i have been swimming competitively and sense starting this speech i have been doing alot of research on this topic so you can make your own opinion on if you should do swimming. Thesis: The reasons you should do swimming. Preview: To show the Counterpoints

  • Swimming Is The Best Physical Activity

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    in the world for their swimming. Historians found items to hold this true: the crawl stroke or the modern day freestyle was first done by the American Indians and the colonists used their idea. The Cave of Swimmers has drawings of a people doing breaststroke. In Japan, swimming was one of the noble skills of citizens. (Kyle Boshoff,

  • PE Classroom Pool Analysis

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    with the arm stroke your arm is going in the opposite direction as the freestyle stroke and you must let your outside little finger enter the water first for the most efficient way to catch and push the water. Lastly, we learned the breaststroke. In the breaststroke, your legs are kicking in a frog like way to push the water back with the bottoms of your feet. In the youtube video it says that you must sweep your arms outward while trying to catch as much water possible. When at the end of the arm

  • Olympic History Essay

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    backstroke in 51.85 in 2009. Ryan Murphy from from the U.S swam the 100m backstroke in 51.85 in 2009 and 2016. Aaron Perisol from the U.S swam the 200m backstroke in 1.51 in 2009 and the 50m backstroke in 2017. Ippei Watanabe of Japan swam the 200m breaststroke in 2.06 . Rafael Ramos of Spain

  • Explain How To Teach Children To Swim

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    child to ‘doggy paddle;’ however, you should teach them the arms for freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. Freestyle is the most common and generally fastest – aside from butterfly – style of swimming. One must move their arms in circles that go by the sides of the body and up near the ears forward. The back stroke is the same thing except that you lie on your back and move the arms backward. Breaststroke is another set of arm and leg movements. For the arms, one must start with their arms at their