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  • Improving Transportation for Students at UTSA

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    UTSA is to offer a ridesharing service such as carpool matching. This method has been successful at Stanford University by giving numerous benefits to the driver and the passengers. The idea is to match drivers and passengers with similar schedules and location. According to Stanford University’s transportation services, students can register with “Stanford Ridematching Service to find potential Stanford carpool partners” (Carpools). Once the carpool group has been established, the cost of the parking

  • Wayne State Case Study

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    Introduction Arriving to campus on time has usually been an issue for commuting Canadian students. This is not only a problem for them, but Wayne State is also affected in the process. With students arriving late, there would be missed lectures and barely any work done. In turn, Wayne State’s reputation as a school is affected negatively as these commuters would start considering switching to other schools. In fact, some high school graduates from Canada would not even think about attending classes

  • What Is Traffic Congestion?

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    Introduction What is traffic congestion? Traffic congestion is a term whereby congestion is mentioned as “clog”, “impede” and “over utilised”( This term is used to describe a traffic situation is with enormous amount of vehicle on the roadway, causing the flow of vehicle to be inefficient. In another word, number of traffic is higher than the supply (capacity) of current highway facilities will cause traffic congestion

  • Population Increase and Sustainability Issues Essay

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    Sustainability issues go hand in hand with increases in population, “urban sprawl”. Phoenix continues to see an increase in population growth and thus a sustainability issue that has arisen from such growth is traffic congestion. Having too many cars on the road, cars traveling at lower speeds, and having longer trip times then in previous years causes traffic congestion (Frias, 2007). Traffic congestion in Phoenix is observed from a local spatial scale as Phoenix is composed of many suburbs.

  • Uber Technologies

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    ------------------------------------------------- Uber Technologies ------------------------------------------------- What is Uber Technologies? Uber Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2009 by Travis Kalanik and Garrett Camp as a way to solve their own transportation problems in the traffic congested city of San Francisco where it is still based and headquartered. Uber Technologies offers an on demand car service application for smartphone users that links drivers with people needing a ride

  • Road Tax Persuasive Essay

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    pay. Pre-tax deductions can include vanpool fares and transit passes. Your company may also take a tax credit equal to 35% of the eligible costs for transportation-related programs such as subsidizing part or all of your employees’ vanpool costs (“Carpool Incentives for the Portland Metro

  • Bus Sharing Services : Cab Sharing Internet Applications Are Efficient And Reduce Traffic

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    ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY IN BUSINESS (BUS587) Cab Sharing Internet Applications are Efficient and Reduce Traffic Shruthi Purushothama Instructor: Douglas McCloskey 09/10/2014 Fontbonne University INTRODUCTION City transportation is an increasing problem. Public transportation is cost effective, but do not provide door-to-door transportation. This makes the far more expensive cabs attractive and scarce. This paper proposes location-based Cab-Sharing services like Uber, Lyft, Ridejoy etc

  • Avoiding A Future Of Crippling Car Congestion

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    AVOIDING A FUTURE OF CRIPPLING CAR CONGESTION Bill Ford, the chairman of Ford Motors, spoke at the 2012 Mobile world congress where he outlined a plan for connected cars to help avoid traffic congestion. Connected cars he explained are vehicles linked to various mobile networks and intelligent systems and capable of M2M communication (Efraim Turban, 2013). During his address in Barcelona, Ford explained to the delegates that the number of cars on the world’s roads is forecasted to grow from 1 billion

  • Persuasive Essay On Self Driving Cars

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    Through the evidently factual news channels, I have learned that a new self driving car policy may be adopted by our country. The idea of limiting distractions while behind the wheel, cutting down traffic congestion, and halving the amount of pollution that goes into the air seems like what our country needs. Yet, even though self driving cars seem to be much safer than hand driven cars, have you actually considered the disadvantages to these pod cars? Infact, what are you really going for and what

  • Persuasive Essay On Autonomous Cars

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    Phuong Hoang Mr. Hui ESL 184 08 November 2017 Autonomous Cars: Continue to invest or Stop? Has anyone ever heard about self-driving cars or autonomous cars? According to, “an autonomous car is a vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input.” Nowadays many car manufacturers such as Google, Tesla, Toyota, or Audi are investing in autonomous cars to help people’s lives as more comfortable. They expect the first fully autonomous car will arrive