China Railway Construction Corporation

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  • The Negative Growth Of Nigeria's Construction Industry

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    Nigeria’s construction industry found its feet in the first quarter of 2017 snapping out of six straight quarters of negative growth. The sector recorded a 0.15% increase in GDP and contributed 4.17% to total real GDP. Its performance, however, didn’t stop the economy from contracting for a fifth consecutive quarter. But it’s too early to cheer: the federal government owes construction firms ₦600 billion—Setraco’s over ₦80b tops the inglorious list followed by Julius Berger and MCC with ₦70b each

  • Advantages And Cons Of Mergers And Acquisition

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    Acquisition Real case: 1. The mergers between CSR Corp. (1766.HK) and China CNR Corp. (6199.HK). both company is train maker. This information based on (Dow Jones & company, 2015) The advantages: (Merger) The implementation of this strategy between CSR Corp and China CNR corp will give benefit for both companies to faces the challenges from their competitor together which are China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) and China Railway Group (CRG). 2. The acquisition between the semiconductor maker

  • Background Case: Profitable MTR System in Hong Kong Essay

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    metro system, the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) (Wu, 2009). First built in late 1970s, MTR has a daily ridership of 5.6 million passengers and total revenue of HK$35.7 billion in 2012 (MTR, 2012). Until now, the system has 11 lines, 84 stations and a total route length of 218.2 km with an average fare of HK$7.1 per trip (MTR, 2012). It runs 7 days a

  • Logistics Sector : Current Performance

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    transporters, customs brokers, integrated service providers, and freight forwarders. They can be categorized into express and courier companies, freight forwarders, and manufacturers and/or traders. Express and courier companies are mainly multinational corporations, such as DHL and Pony Express, whose representative offices liaise with overseas offices and oversee domestic distribution. They own warehousing facilities and run a fleet of trucks. For example, Pony Express owns a 4,000 sq m warehouse in Almaty

  • South West of China: The Sichuan Province Essay

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    Sichuan Introduction In terms of size, Sichuan is the fifth largest province to the southwest of China, and it has two distinct geographical parts. One part lies within the eastern part of the province and is largely characterized by a fertile area known as the Sichuan basin. The western part of the province is characterized by a highly mountainous geography. The eastern part is surrounded by a series of lower mountain ranges from the east, south, and north. The province has a competitive economy

  • Foreign Investment in Pakistan

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    several projects in Pakistan. China is a mechanism of investment growth in Asia. Though China and Pakistan are comparatively weak in relations of field of investment but still they have strong strategic relationship. China has been to make stupendous investment in Pakistan. If such investment takes place in Pakistan, it will be an eye opener; the amount is nearly US$22 Billion. During Musharraf’s era, Pakistan Railway was being provided with locomotives. Pakistan Railways has recently entered several

  • Using Balanced Scorecard for Subcontractor Performance Appraisal

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    Subcontractor Performance Appraisal S. Thomas NG, Hong Kong, China Key words: Subcontractor performance, performance appraisal, balanced scorecard SUMMARY Several influential industry reports have pointed out that a decline in construction quality and productivity could be attributed to the performance of subcontractors who are entrusted to complete the actual works, yet subcontractor performance appraisal is a much neglected subject in construction. To facilitate subcontractor registration, management

  • Aims And Objectives Of KTMB

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    private limited company incorporated and domiciled in Malaysia. The company is wholly owned by the Minister of Finance Incorporated, a corporate body established in Malaysia. The principal activities of KTMB are to operate the railway transportation and the provision of related railway services in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. The company operates these activities pursuant to a licence issued by the Minister of Transport. Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad began its first operation on a 12.8 kilometres stretch

  • Chinese Immigration Of The United States

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    combination of factors including internal political turmoil and financial instability throughout China, growing western Imperial and economic influences in South East Asia, China 's deepening trade deficit with European nations, and industrial and technological innovations. Concurrently, the rising demand for inexpensive labour during the California Gold Rush, (1848-1858) development of national railway projects, and the range of economic possibilities in America provided many Chinese Sojourners with

  • History Of Chin Chinese Government And Controls The Three Major Basic Telecom Operators

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    History of China Telecom Chinese government owns and controls the three major basic telecom operators and appears to see these entities as important tools in broader industrial policy goals such as promoting indigenous standards for network equipment. The reason for Chinese government divided into three carriers is China Mobile, China Unicom and China telecom these three carriers every action affects the hearts of hundreds of millions of consumers. CDMA is belonging to China Telecom. China Unicom is