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  • Classroom Elements In The Classroom

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    Classroom Elements When an organization knows that customers or people are going to be spending a significant amount of time in a physical setting, they must plan accordingly and provide a functionally and aesthetically appealing environment. Yet, when their goal is to serve them as quickly as possible and encourage them not to linger, they want to provide quick service, but not put so much time into comfort and aesthetics (Fisk, Grove, John, page 69, 2014). THE CLASSROOM Approach The classroom

  • My Classroom As A Classroom Essay

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    I will organize my classroom as displayed in the diagram above. I will have an instructional loop so that I will be able to access all of my students easily. In my classroom, I will have a collaborative table so that I will be able to work with a group of students at a time while others are working at their chairs. There will be room in front of the smart board so that students will be able to stand up and move around to use that instructional tool while I am educating them. As a class, the circle

  • Reflection For The Future Of A Classroom In The Classroom

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    First prompt When I have my teaching degree and license and I have a classroom of my own it will be a fun and inviting environment. My class room will have a theme each year to make learning a little more fun. All of the learning materials will look inviting, colorful and something a child will want to look at. I hope to teach a second grade class but I would be ok with anything from kindergarten to third grade. To help a child learn words especially younger children just learning words

  • The Effect Of Social Media On Classrooms On The Classroom

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    The use of social media in classrooms has always been a very controversial topic. Hence not all the parents were happy that Ms. White had been using Facebook to communicate with her students. Even though Ms. White had timelessly repeated her good intentions she could not escape the ruthlessness of some of the more conservative parents. Today, however, was the day of the monthly Communicating our Word to Better Education school meeting. This month’s meeting was a discussion, to most a debate, on whether

  • Classroom Theory : Classroom Management Philosophy

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    Toni Bentley Classroom Management Classroom Management Philosophy My Classroom Management Philosophy I believe that a well managed classroom provides safety, education and respect and fosters an environment of team work and empathy. In order to support and encourage learning in a classroom environment, students should feel comfortable and safe both physically and emotionally. Behavior, character, independence, attitudes, and academics are all learned in a classroom. They should

  • Example Of Classroom Abstivation Observation In The Classroom

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    My classroom observation took place at Barwise Middle School during Ms. Yearly’s six grade social studies class. There were fifteen students in the class which comprised of seven girls and eight boys. One student in the class was classified as extremely special needs, two students had autism and two ESL learners. The racial make-up of the class was four Hispanic, two African American, two Asian, and eight White students. The classroom was medium sized and appeared to be very limited in moving space

  • Academia and Classroom

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    relations (informal) aspects requires a holistic approach to classroom management. The combination and integration of these two dimensions represent the actual structure of the classroom situation, which includes all areas of the teacher's management task. These studies revealed a clear correlation between classroom atmosphere and pupil performance of grade 9 and grade 10 pupils in 12 secondary schools in Ontario as follows:  Classroom atmosphere has a significant influence on pupil performance.

  • Classroom Observation

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    The classroom I have been observing is a Varying Exceptionalities class. It is taught by Tom Jacobs. It has students from kindergarten- second grade. This class only has about 14 students. These students are in this classroom because they would not perform as well if they were thrown into the main-stream curriculum. Bayshore elementary also has one other VE class for students in third-fifth grade. The students in this classroom were of multiple races. I had an estimated 3 White students, 4 African-American

  • Classroom Behavior

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    Contracting With Disadvantaged Youths: Improving Classroom Performance, (3), 447-454 Classroom behavior management can be one of the most difficult issues teachers face today. With the variance of personalities in one classroom, it may be difficult for a teacher to stay actively in control of the ever-changing environment. The main question is, how do the new and upcoming educators of the world change the issue of behavior management in our own classrooms? First, think about the approach. Take some

  • Classroom Reflection

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    decision-making process was for the class: The structure of the classroom is designed about an enclosed four wall space, where each breadth is shorter and deeper than the one before, is claustrophobic and impossible. The state has indoctrinated us to believe that the optimal learning experience is held inside impacted classrooms that have a disproportionate teach to student ratio. This phenomenon is clearly seen in our own classroom, where the own classroom that we are assigned for the quarter was specifically