A Study On Computer Science

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The amount of women achieving a degree in computer science is decreasing due to to common stereotypes women believe about computer science and the experiences they have while studying computer science. According to the National Center for Women & Information Technology only “17% of 2014 Computer Science and Information Sciences bachelor’s degree recipients were female”(NCWIT Fact Sheet). Computer Science is mainly a male dominated field. There are many factors that come into play when a woman decides to become a computer science major. With the lack of encouragement women get there needs to be a strong surrounding of powerful role models and mentors that women have access to. Interviewing Rebecca Wright, Professor in the Department of Computer Science in Rutgers New Brunswick and the director of DIMACS (Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science), gave me insight on how important it is to have realistic role models in a young woman 's life. Young girls must ignore the common stereotypes they hear about women in the STEM field. There is plenty of advice to come to help girls understand their importance in computer science.
Being a successful computer scientist herself, Rebecca Wright was lucky enough to have two realistic role models in her life that helped her pursue her passion for computer science. First, was her mother. A computer scientist herself, her mother normalized the idea that subjects like math and computers were things that women did. They
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