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  • Essay about My Brilliant Racing Career

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    As I enter my last semester of high school, I have to starting thinking about making a plan for the future. The problem for me was actually making a decision that would be right for me, I could not decide what I wanted to do until a few weeks ago. But I finally made my decision about what I think I will enjoy doing, and making a career out of it. There are many paths I can and could take, but the automotive area is the one that sticks out to me. The two technician schools I have chosen are UTI, Universal

  • Short Story

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    "Ugh. It's disgusting, how convincing you sound gassing me up like that, like you'd fit right in with the rest of the pandering idiots roaming about the castle. I take back what I said about missing you earlier." He scowled in mock disgust, though his words couldn't be further from the truth. Having Hal here eased some of the pressure off Dirk's mind, and gave him an ally where he normally would have none. The sight of the green-clad men flanking English's side instilled the same visceral unease

  • Theseus : A Hero : The Aspects Of A Hero

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    There are many examples of heroes throughout history and in story books that convey great messages, but what makes your leaders heroes? There are many attributes that make a hero but there are three main areas. To be a hero, one must be willing to make many sacrifices, be humble and not expect anything from the actions, and make positive changes. To be a hero means to sacrifice something for someone else no matter the circumstances or dangers. An example of this is in the myth Theseus and the

  • Overwhelming Thoughts And Circumstances Can Suck That Life

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    Overwhelming thoughts and circumstances can suck that life out of a person. Through a slow but sure process, I now identify myself as a culprit of stress. For example, I have entrapped myself in the pit of going from one extreme to another, contributing to my pessimist onlook on life. Further, when I observe a buildup of someone neglecting to pursue their priorities, I can vent out in anger at that person. Also, if I do not put my thoughts into actions, I set myself up for negative experiences in

  • Analysis Of Hairspray

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    Hairspray, released in 2007 is a film based off of both the classic Hairspray film released in 1988, and the 2002 Broadway musical. The film was Produced by Ingenious Media, Zedan/Meron and New Line Cinema and stared Zac Efron, John Travolta, Queen Latifah, Amanda Bynes and many more talented actors and actresses (“Hairspray (2007)”). The story takes place in Baltimore, Maryland and is set in 1962. The main character Tracy Turnblad is a heavier girl who dreams of being on the Corny Collins Show;

  • Descriptive Essay On The Middle School

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    The sickly sweet smell of hot summer air is so thick I can almost taste it as it enters my nose and I’m instantly transported back to a little North Carolina college town. The radio and air conditioning start to fade away as I open the car door to the sounds of birds chirping and teenagers chatting. I couldn’t tell what is sweeter the freedom of being out of the car or the ice cream threatening to come back up. I walk around the car to meet mom and she just gives me a look that I know means she can

  • Christina Clark Short Story

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    Welcome Ladies and gentlemen, Chrissie, well, Christina Clark to give her her Sunday name, although she never used it, always known a Chrissie. Chrissie was a bubbly, positive up-beat character, a very sociable character with lots of life long friends, although at 91, I imagine she has outlived a lot of them. A very family orientated woman who had dedicated her life to taking care of her own, and others, in fact anyone who crossed her path, weather they needed her help or not, she was a very caring

  • The Personalities of May and Ellen Illustrated in the Novel The Age of Innocence

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    In the novel, “The Age of Innocence” two of the main characters come to be introduced in the first chapter where they are seen at the Opera house. Newland Archer, a well respected lawyer of New York looks across from his box seat to see his newly engaged fiancée May Welland. Sitting next to her, he sees May’s mother and aunt. Next to them he sees a woman who is familiar to him-she is May’s cousin, Ellen Olenska. These two women play important roles throughout the whole novel. There are two different

  • Democratic Party Failure

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    The Democratic party has become an unmitigated disaster, thanks the Third Way corporatist strategy implemented by president Obama and the Clintons. Under the leadership president Obama and former DNC chair debbie Wasserman Schultz the party has lost over 900 state Legislature seats, 69 house Seats, 13 Senate seats, and 12 governorships. The number of seats lost are unacceptable, despite the clear disaster many Democrats claim the Party is fine. The more intelligent establishment Democrats appear

  • The Seven Principles Of Making Marriage Work

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    Gottman and Silver’s (2015), The Seven principles of Making Marriage Work, as a foundation for analysis. The exploration will entail using some of Gottman and Silver’s principles as a method of understanding Alison and Ben’s relationship, as well as Debbie and Pete’s. Sine Gottman and Silver’s book will be used as a foundation, this will provide greater elaboration upon the strengths and weaknesses of each couple’s relationship. Although Knocked Up by Apatow et al. (2007) is fictional, many of the depicted