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  • The Flat Earth Society

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    controversies hoaxes and for 2016 was flat earth. The theory developed over time and experienced ups and downs during the hundreds of years it has now returned. Adherents to "understand" the earth is pretty much flat. In Indonesia, there is a Facebook group Indonesian Flat Earth Society which has members of 19 659 people. Similarly, in countries with advanced science. Community flat earth believers to keep growing. In the UK, there is also a group of The Flat Earth Society whose members reach 47 777 people

  • Flat Earth Society

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    In recent news, a new community has outwardly spoken on the theory, the earth is flat. This community calls themselves “The Flat Earth Society” or “Flat Earthers”. This began around the mid-20th century and has rapidly grown with the expansion of social media, and influencers such as rapper B.o.B and basketball player Shaquille O’Neal. This society believes that the Earth is a flat disk, similar to the United Nations Flag (Figure 1), where the sun works as a spotlight to create night and day.(Figure

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Internet

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    Today’s society lives online. People of all ages around the world use websites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube, along with countless other sites that encourage the use of digital sharing. Almost everywhere, people are glued to their phones or computers, communicating with friends and family via the Internet. With all of the different social media outlets and communication-based websites that are available in today’s world, it’s no surprise that people are inclined to share their opinions

  • My Honor Program

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    some of the smartest people in the world needed help to accomplish their dreams is the reason that I have chosen to apply to these honors programs. My goal in life is to change the world and create a startup not for money or fame, but to improve society to the extent as some of these huge companies. Imagine a world where people spend hours searching for a specific website in the absence of Google. I want to live in a

  • That which Is Accepted as Knowledge Todays Is Sometimes Discarded Tomorrow

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    as “knowledge” and follow this path for many years without asking themselves the reason why it is said to be that way. Others prefer completing their own “knowledge” by referring to an entity which is thought to be superior to all the living on Earth. Then there are those which are open minded, which stand out from the crowd, whose own curiosity takes the lead into finding out the secrets of the world. What the question is implying, is the fact that sometimes a statement is said to be a fact

  • World is flat Essay

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    1. “But Friedman’s image of a flat earth is profoundly misleading – a view of the world from a seat in business class. Flatness is another way of describing the transnational search by companies for cheap labor, an image that misses the pervasiveness of global inequality and the fact that much of the developing world remains mired in poverty and misery. It also misses the importance of the global geopolitical hierarchy, which guarantees the provision of stability, property rights, and other international

  • Christopher Columbus Motives

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    “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” This phrase is perhaps one of the most well known historical allusions in today’s age. Everyone knows the concept, but no one knows the motives behind the expedition. No one ever asks themselves deeply on why Christopher Columbus was able to make the voyage in the first place. The answer is always by the book, which is “He recieved funding by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.” Not a single person asks themselves on why he was chosen specifically to go on

  • The Flat Earth : The Beliefs Of The Flat Earth

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    the Earth was thought to be flat. The groups of people that created and developed this theory were heavily influenced by religion and cultural practices that were prominent at the time. The theory was a way to explain the Earth and it made sense in the explanations people could create. After many years of scientific exploration and technological development this theory was disproven. The new theory was that Earth is a sphere. However, even after the observations of a spherical Earth the flat Earth

  • Dysfunctional Model In Children

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    development by investigating children’s understanding about the structure of the earth. This main focus is to establish an understanding about mental models created by children and discover how these concepts change in association with age and gender. According to Vosniadou and Brewer (1992), mental models are dynamic in nature, generated by children in response to questions asked and used to detect their perceptions of the earth. Mental models are categorized to be naïve, synthetic or scientific. Naïve

  • Flat Earth Research Paper

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    Yesterday I got a new neighbor. He says he is a member of the flat earth society. But he is very wrong. The earth is not flat at all, it is round. I’m going to figure out a way to make him believe that the earth is not flat. Then he will not be a member of the flat earth society anymore and he can go prove to his friends that it is not flat. Well to start off, Earth is round and everyone knows that. The earth was formed from clouds and dust which created stars and other things. The earth’s core