Gwynyth Walsh

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  • What Do I Always Say About Hallmark?

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    Hallmark? I maintain that they are loyal to the casts and crew of their various projects, and the supporting cast are regularly used in a myriad of films without even being "noticed" by the general public. But how could you not notice the stunning Gwynyth Walsh whose career has spanned a few decades? Recently, Hallmark Mysteries & Movies aficionados saw her prowess in the most current Hailey Dean film, and she will be featured in the next Spring Fling film (Like Cats and Dogs) on April 15th. I am pleased

  • From Suffering to Overcoming in the Abduction of Adam Walsh

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    overnight, transports him or her at least 50 miles, holds the child for ransom or intends to keep him permanently, or kills the child”(Martindale 6). John Walsh, host of America’s Most Wanted, criminal investigator, and loving father of Adam Walsh has placed his mark on a world full of corruption and dangerous crimes. After the murder of his son, John Walsh used this tragic event as a motivation and inspiration to become passionate for the safety of others. He has been able to bring some safety to a world

  • Am I a Role Model?

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    This is a question that has been asked by coaches and athletes for years Am I a Role Model? I would say yes, just because anytime a person is place in a position of authority they have the power of influencing people, they might not think they do but they do. There are no set of rules that a person goes by to be consider a role model, is it the way they carry themselves and how they treat others. Being a role model for other athletes to follow should be something that all coaches and athletes seek

  • Solo Acts On X Factor

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    In 2010, a group of boys auditioned as solo acts on X-Factor (“One Direction Biography” para. 1). These boys made it on to Season 7 of X-Factor (“One Direction Biography” para. 1). There were thousands of boy lined up for auditions on X-Factor and did not make it (“One Direction Biography” para. 2). Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson were boys that were lucky enough to make it through (“One Direction Biography” para. 2). Louis Tomlinson’s auditioning song for

  • Essay about Child Abduction in the United States

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    your home and you lose sight of your child. You look down the aisles, have your child paged, and check out at your car all to no avail. This is exactly what happened with Reve Walsh, mother of young Adam Walsh. This is her account of what happened from the book, Tears of Rage, written by John Walsh and posted on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website. Adam and his mother went to the store to shop for lamps. The store was

  • Should Professional Athletes Be Paid?

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    There are elite athlete that are paid millions of dollars to perform their craft at a national level. These players have millions of people watching their every move, on television, the internet, and at their stadiums. Each player is an individual with his or her own thoughts. Even if there are 12 players like in basketball, or 53 like in football every player thinks, and acts on their own, and do as they please. Professional athletes must have some sort of influence outside of their respected sport

  • Sports Star Responsibilities

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    The Responsibility of a Sports Star Sports are a very important part of entertainment in society in this day in age and almost everyone watches them. Athletes go head to head and give everything they can on the court, field, ring, e.t.c to win and beat their opponents and people love watching the competition. But what about off of the court in the locker room or in public after the game? There are many speculations of if these sports stars have the responsibility of setting a good example for the

  • Should Sports Players Have Good Role Models?

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    Role models, we all had them growing up, at a young age they can help dilate your ambition and aspiration, they help console kids growing up and when preparing for the future. A major source for role models is when a child elects a sports player, however, as the players make decision on field they are also making decisions off field that the child with know and may even try to venture off and attempt them. So lately it has been talked about whether or not sports team have the liability to hold players

  • Personal Narrative: My Strengths As A Certified Nursing Assistant

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    By taking the Strengths finder assessment I found my top five talents to be Restorative, Responsibility, Harmony, Relator, and Belief. I believe that I have had the opportunity to exemplify all of these talents in some aspect of my life from academics, positions I’ve held in organizations and lastly, the jobs I’ve taken on in the workforce. My strengths lie within the yellow and red quadrant and mainly are recognized in team related tasks. I exemplified taking on responsibility which is my strongest

  • The Tragedy Of Child Abduction

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    murder, and molestation. As John Walsh says it: “The abduction of a child is a tragedy. No one can fully understand or appreciate what a parent goes through at such a time, unless they have faced a similar tragedy. Every parent responds differently. Each parent copes with this nightmare in the best way he or she knows how” ("John Walsh." Xplore Inc, 2017. 22 January 2017. Adam Walsh and Megan Kanka were a couple of