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  • Hermit Crabs And Prabs

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    in mind, Robert Elwood designed his experiments on hermit crabs and prawns to test their abilities to cope with injuries and learn from harmful environments. In his prawns experiment, Elwood brushed acetic acid on their antennae, to which the prawns responded by treating the affected area through complex and prolonged movements of their front legs (Stelling). When he applied brief electric shocks to various areas on hermit crabs and brown crabs, they responded similarly by rubbing their injured

  • Descriptive Essay Christmas

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    Christmas I sat awaiting all of my family members in the heat filled garage that would become much warmer as the night went on. It would be filled with loud laughter and cheering from my whole family. It would be smelling of grandma’s ham she cooked and pretzel salad my mom makes every year. I’m getting anxious as i hear a car pull up outside crunching on the black gravel. I rush to the window and see my cousins step out of the car, I rush to the door to greet them with a big smile on my face

  • The Animal Ownership Of George And Washington

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    Growing up on a farm has allowed me to learn about many different types of animals. Starting from the beginning of my animal ownership starts with George and Washington. Living on the farm barn cats were always around. When I was about three years old I found these two fur balls. No, I was not a historical genius at the age of three to name them George and Washington, so my dad did. George was grey with beautiful big eyes. Sadly, Washington did not fare so well in appearance. He looked a bit grungy

  • Mau In Nation

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    remarks that “[h]e’d be like mihei gawi, the little blue hermit crab, scuttling from his shell to a new one once a year, easy prey for any passing squid” (16). Shortly after the wave, Mau again identifies as a blue hermit crab, remarking that “he [has] no soul [because he did not undergo the ceremonies that would grant one a man soul]. His boy soul had vanished with the island, and he’d never get a man soul now. He [is] the blue hermit crab, hurrying from one shell to another, and the big shell

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    75 miles per hour. 80...85. Grave pressed on the gas. 100 miles per hour. They had to drive him into a corner. They had to keep him contained. But where?.... Grave watched the car in front of him take a left. He spoke into his radio, “ The suspect has taken a left onto highway I-95. Over.” He heard another unknown voice crackle over the speakers, “ Drive him down exit 63 I waiting across the road to cut ‘em off!” As Grave steers the car to the exit, his tires screech with the smell of burning rubber

  • The Box Man Analysis Essay

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    Box Man Final Draft We come alone in this world and one day we will be alone once again; therefore, we must formulate the choice to achieve things ourselves. That is why in the essay “The Box Man”, Barbara Lazear Ascher writes about the evening customs of diverse people that live alone and by observing these people, reflects on the nature of solitude. She demonstrates that solidity doesn’t necessarily mean being lonely, just alone and explains how lonely and alone are unlike. Ascher uses the rhetorical

  • The Facial Expression Of Saint Paul The Hermit And Saint Jerome

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    like color differences, expression of facial emotions, and pose overlooking. Therefore, two paintings which are Saint Paul the Hermit and Saint Jerome can be distinguished in terms of three aspects, different color of paintings, unlike facial expressions, and same living environment in the painting. First of all, the colors used in the paintings, Saint Paul the Hermit and Saint Jerome, are quite different. The dominant hue of the first one is dark, and another is

  • An Alien On Earth And Hunted Humans

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    Question One: If an alien race landed on Earth and hunted humans, we would need many different protection methods. The five methods I think would benefit humans the most in an alien invasion would be: venom, speed, webbed feet, strong claws, and strong jaws. Venom would be very important for my protection because I would rather kill the aliens, instead of avoiding them. In order to inject venom into the aliens, humans would need to have sharper teeth. I would sneak up on an alien and bite them. This

  • Analysis Of The Rule Of Saint Benedict

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    monks there is. The monks are all different in their way of living and their philosophy’s. Cenobites reside in a monastery, under an abbot and a rule; they are the best type of monks and are the attended group for Benedicts rule. Anchorites are hermits, they have “passed beyond the first fervor of monastic life”(page 20). Anchorites live a more solitary life. Sarabaites live in groups with no rule or abbot; they create their own paths and are influenced

  • The Development of Female Ascetics in the Early Church

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    The Development of Female Ascetics in the Early Church This paper will explore the development of female ascetics during the early Church and show how these practices affect the 21st century Churches outlook on woman. We will explore many aspects of asceticism such as the scriptural examples, spiritual motivations, reasons for choosing this lifestyle and the overall implications upon church history. Asceticism, along with monasticism, are two spiritual disciplines encouraging and focusing on