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  • My Vacation At Wyndham Hotel

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    is less, we require that to be comfortable and memorable for rest of life. I loved spending my vacation at Wyndham hotel. In this way, Wyndham group is providing so many memorable vacations to their customers through various products mainly hotel groups, exchange and

  • My Vacation

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    One afternoon, my grandmother was looking for houses, I wanted to go to the mall before 8 because there a huge sale. Suddenly the car started to make disturbing noises, when we stopped at the stoplight the car cut off and begun to overheat! The mall was already about to close and the car was steaming! So we decided to relax and turn the radio on. My favorite song came on and the man on the radio offered $200,000 to the first caller, we called and won the money! My aunt and I called my grandmother to

  • My Vacation

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    recall the time my family and I took a summer vacation to India. It was a trip I will never forget for a particular reason. As the trip to India was coming to an end, it was time to say our final good-byes to all of our family and friends. On the last sunny day of vacation with drops of sweat running down my face, my mother decided to visit her family one last time before it was time to head off to the airport. My brother, my father, and I went to my aunt’s house in the mean-time to visit my aunt and uncle

  • Vacation Vs My Dream Vacation

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    My Typical Vacation vs. My Dream Vacation I take a vacation every year, and every year it's the same thing – a week of camping at a campground one hour from our home. But I dream of a vacation in which I take a cruise to some exotic location or stay at an all-inclusive resort on an island where I can be pampered and thrilled at the same time. Both of these vacations are good, and both certainly offer me time away from work in which I can have a respite from impending deadlines, a demanding

  • My Hawaii Vacation

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    When I learned that my family and I would be going to Hawaii, I looked forward to going to the beach, sightseeing, and the warm weather. I never knew that this vacation would end up teaching me valuable life lessons. It was the summer of 2014 when I went to Hawaii, and I was so excited because I love traveling and I had always wanted to go there. There is a six hour time difference which was hard to get used to because we ended up landing in Hawaii at what would have been four in the morning in

  • My First Vacation

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    My First Vacation Today I will be telling a story on my way to my first vacation! It was the summer of 2017 me and my family were going to gulf shores, alabama it was my first vacation ever and I went with my cousin so me and him could ride together, it was a 12 hour ride so we had to find something to do without getting bored the whole time on the way there. We got up at 4:00 A.M in the morning and got all of our stuff ready, then we went and picked up my grandma and her Boyfriend up and we were

  • My Summer Vacation

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    and hard about what I want to be when I grow up, and I can tell you I have my life goals set before me. I can’t wait for you to learn all about me.  When I travel to new places, it makes me wonder, will this vacation be fun or will I just be doing the same thing everyday. Normally while on vacation you wake up very early in the morning and get your day started.  You would probably also take your time, why?  It's a vacation. Well with the Shaulis family you will wake up early in the morning, skip

  • My Summer Vacation

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    My Summer in Chicago I couldn’t help but to feel anxious and excited. It was my first time being in such a vast city and I couldn’t wait to explore it. The time was near the end of July, this is when my dad usually enjoys taking our summer vacations, primarily outside of our state to somewhere else new and exciting. That summer my dad decided to take a week long road trip and visit, Wisconsin Dells, Chicago, St. Louis, and Madison. When I had heard him say Chicago I had already imagined

  • My Vacation Essay

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    Lockers are slammed shut. Everyone is rushing through the hall to get to their busses and cars. Summer is finally here. Everyone is ready to sleep in, hang out with friends, and go on their vacations. Summer can get boring when you have nothing to do and when you are required to wait a month to go on your vacation. My family and I were going to Florida. The great news was that the month flew by fast. Somewhere at the end of June we started packing our bags and were ready to leave. Our relatives and friends

  • My Family Vacation

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    Family Vacation As I was riding in the car on the way back to the airport, I couldn’t believe THAT was how my summer vacation ended. Just one week before that my family and my cousin’s family were on our way to Minneapolis, because that was where we were flying out of. The rest of my family was all driving. We were going on our first vacation as a big family. There was about 28 of us going to Orange Beach, Alabama. The summer before that my mom and aunts were trying to find a place for all of us