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  • Essay on Post Modern Artists

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    Post Modern Artists The realm of postmodern art encompasses various aspects of contemporary styles. There is no set format to creating artwork anymore. Art pieces in the past basically conformed to the Kantian-Hegelian theory of art. Thomas McEvilley claim, "It was essentially an aesthetic theory of art, which held Beauty is a universal force that enters the soul with immediate, unquestionable authority at the instant when the soul approaches the beautiful object

  • Post Traumatic Stress In Modern Society

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    different things in modern society that can trigger acute and post-traumatic stress disorder. While reading this week’s chapter we have learned that most people have stress resulting from school, work, paying bills and the list can go on and on. Stress is defined as the internal and external conditions that create stressful situations and is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. I think one of the biggest things in modern society that causes

  • Post-Modern Ideal

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    Classical modern ideal of science is the older way of thinking about science and technology. This ideal is extremely detailed oriented. That being said, classical modern ideal is explanatory in its method. Being explanatory, research of any type is to answer or question what has no perceivable answer. Kind of like an explorer would go into a new cave and shed the light on what hid in the dark. Explanatory research must use numbers and precision ways to measure and record all data. During the deep

  • The Modern Cartesian Subject And The Post-Modern Subject

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    ourselves as subjects, we are still open to modern day external infringements. Unlike in the Middle Ages where existence was never questioned and “Gods divine plan was not itself a belief one could accept or reject. It was an entire way of life.”(Dreyfus and Kelly, 2011). This essay will highlight the difference between the Modern Cartesian Subject and the Post-Modern Subject, establish the two contexts the subjects arise from, highlight the key role of Renee

  • Phenomenology And The Post Modern Movement

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    the study of how people experience and interpret these things that happen. Also as architects, we create the things that happen in a building for people to experience. Post-modern architects embraced this idea of creation and took it to places never imagined before. In this essay, I will explain why phenomenology and the post-modern movement went hand in hand and how they were crucial together in the context of the times in which they came into fruition. The philosophical study of phenomenology defines

  • Post Modern America in 2050

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    Postmodern America in 2050 1 Running Head: POSTMODERN AMERICA IN 2050 Alexis Rios Dr. Ronald San Nicolas SOC 1000 Introduction to Sociology Hawaii Pacific University Postmodern America in 2050 2 Postmodern America in 2050 2050, the year that many people are talking about. It is considered the half of the 21st Century. Many things will happen between now and for the next 40 years. People think that many good things will happen during this year, but scientists and sociologists

  • Essay on Modern and Post-Modernism Architecture

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    There is often some confusion when people start talking about the post-modernism and modernism in architecture in terms of  their philosophical terminology differences. Modern architecture is known for its minimalism (Linder, 2004); buildings were functional and economical rather than comfortable and beautifully decorated. The post-modernism architecture, however, is called a “neo-eclectic, significantly assuming the role of a regeneration of period styles for designing houses, and a never-ending

  • Comparison Of Post-Modernism And The Modern Movement

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    The Arisen of Post-Modern movement for the replacement of the Modern movement in the way of constructing architecture Post-Modernism could be a new paradigm in architecture to replace Modernism and it is also known as the Critical Modernism. It is committed to pluralism, the heterogeneity of our cities and global culture, and it acknowledges the variety of taste cultures and visual codes of the users (Jencks, 2002). Post-Modernists agree that the cultures at different stages of growth and the

  • Post Modern Er Carson Mccullers

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    writing of the time is the post-modern era. The start of the post-modern era took place in the year 1945. This era took rise after two major historical events in America’s history, the Holocaust and the dropping of the atomic bombs on two Japanese cities. Once World War II was over, Americans wanted to return to normal life. However, with the desire to return to normal, Americans in the 1950’s had a hard time determining what they would consider normal. One early post-modern author, Carson McCullers

  • Human Trafficking : The Post Modern Slavery?

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    Name: Lara Kochenborger Professor: LaChe Pool Subject: English Date: February 19, 2016 Human Trafficking: The Post-Modern Slavery? Introduction: Human trafficking, being such a hideous crime, that privates people from their right to freedom, is not only largely hidden, but the victims are also often forgotten; could be extinguished if the problem received more attention by the authorities. Being a crime that exists since the beginning of the times, we should expect to see more action