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  • Design Of An Antenna For Wireless Sensor Network

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    Design of an Antenna for Wireless sensor Network ZIA UDDIN Student ID: 1318104 BEng Telecommunications and Networks Engineering Supervisor: Dr. Masood Ur Rehman Undergraduate Project Final Report, Academic year 2014/2015 DISCLAIMER This is the final report for the chosen undergraduate project in the area related to “BEng Telecommunications and Networks Engineering” taught at University of Bedfordshire. It is hereby confirmed that the work done in the report is all owned by the author leaving

  • Of PEGASIS : Power-Efficient Gathering In Sensor Data Networks

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    Power-Efficient Gathering in Sensor Data Network By this creator proposed calculation PEGASIS that is a chain based protocol give change over LEACH calculations. In PEGASIS, every node discusses just with a nearby neighbor and alternates transmitting to the base station, along these lines decreasing the measure of vitality spent per round. Utilizing eager calculation, the nodes will be sorted out to shape a chain, after that BS can figure this anchor and communicate it to all the sensor nodes. Vitality

  • Sensing The Environment : Student Created Water Quality Sensors

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    Student-Created Water Quality Sensors Liesl Hotaling, Eidos Education Rustam Stolkin, University of Birmingham, School of Mechanical Engineering <>Abstract (250 words) The Student Enabled Network of Sensors for the Environment using Innovative Technology (SENSE IT) program provides an infrastructure and curricula for teachers and students to learn core science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) knowledge through building, testing, programming and deploying their own environmental sensor networks. The project

  • A Short Note On The Security Attacks And Cyber Sensor Networks

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    TEODOR-GRIGORE LUPU presented the different types of attacks in wireless sensor networks. Attacks on the different layers are categorized. The security attacks and the threats can be categorized based on the mechanisms used in those attacks [4]. Traffic analysis is the process of analyzing the messages in order to identify the data from patterns in the connection. Data from an authentic person who is entering into a network can be fabricated by an attacker and it can be replayed the next day. Compromised

  • Wireless Sensor Network ( Wsn )

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    Wireless sensor network From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A wireless sensor network (WSN) is a computer network consisting of spatially distributed autonomous devices using sensors to cooperatively monitor physical or environmental conditions, such as temperature, sound, vibration, pressure, motion or pollutants, at different locations.[1] The development of wireless sensor networks was originally motivated by military applications such as battlefield surveillance. However, wireless sensor networks

  • Protecting Wireless Sensor Network From Internet Attacks

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    Protect wireless sensor network from Internet attacks As the rapid development of internet, the technology of wireless sensor network (WSN) plays an important role in our real life. Moreover, WSN are the essential elements on a wide range of fields such as Internet of things (IOT). Thus, it is necessary to prevent WSN from internet attacks and maintain its stability. Sensor nodes in WSN can not only collect and process physical data, but also communicate with other entities. Therefore, this essay

  • Wireless Sensors Network Using Machine Learning Approach

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    Secured Wireless Sensors Network Using Machine Learning approach Neha Meshram, Student, Department of computer Science and information Technology, Amravati University, Email: Abstract Machine learning inspires many practical solutions that maximize many resource utilization and prolong the lifespan of a network. As wireless sensors network (WSNs) monitor dynamic environment that rapidly changes over time such behavior is either caused by the

  • Wireless Sensor Networks Ensure A Wide Range Of Applications

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    ABSTRACT Wireless sensor networks ensure a wide range of applications [1], starting fromsecurity surveillance in military and battlefields, monitoring previously unobservedenvironmental phenomena, smart homes and offices, improved healthcare, industrialdiagnosis, and many more.Main of the issues in wireless sensor network is coverage and communication problem which directly reflect on connectivity between different nodes. The coverage problem is determined to how well the sensing field is monitored

  • Revised Multi Chain Pegasis For Wireless Sensor Networks

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    PEGASIS for Wireless Sensor Networks Deepak Sethi1, Partha Pratim Bhattacharya2 1,2 Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Mody University of Science & Technology, Laxmangarh, Sikar Rajasthan, India- 332311 Abstract: In wireless sensor network, sensor nodes have limited power back-up. So, the main issue is to increase the network lifetime. The multi-chain concept in PEGASIS and sink mobility increases the network lifetime in wireless sensor network. In this

  • Security Wireless Sensor Networks By Mohd Faraz Uddin

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    SECURITY IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS by Mohd Faraz Uddin Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF ENGINEERING Major Subject: Internetworking at DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY Halifax, Nova Scotia January, 2016 © Copyright by your Mohd Faraz Uddin, 2016 Dalhousie University Faculty of Engineering Internetworking The undersigned hereby certify that they have read and award a pass in INWK 6800 for the seminar project entitled "Security