Society of the United States

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  • The Society Of The United States

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    preferential treatment that certain groups receive over others. The privileges of the dominate social groups over the subordinate ones go so unnoticed at times that they are even seen as just innately how things should be. In the contemporary society of the United States, the group with these privileges is often White males, and the majority of them would disagree about that statement. Surprisingly, the group that gets the most treatment feels the most abused. This only highlights the obliviousness accompanying

  • The United States As A Multiracial Society

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    uncolonized or it was not claimed by a certain kingdom. Today, people have those same dreams, but their only way to fulfill those dreams is known as The United States of America. The United States is rapidly becoming a multiracial society, because of dramatic cultural changes such as jobs, immigration, and discrimination are affected. The United States provides people with jobs and opportunities that they could not even dream of accomplishing in their home country. As an immediate effect of this, many

  • The Dystopian Society Of The United States

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    In what country does the most democratic society exist? In today’s world, the United States is the well-known example. The democracy in the United States makes it possible to secure one’s economic freedom without government interruption, alternatively termed capitalism. In modern world, the contemporary take on capitalism is consumerism. Ironically, given that capitalism is part of democracy, it is not equally distributed. The presence of social class separates one consumer from another and restricts

  • The United States Is A Divided Society

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    The United States is a divided society. We like to categorize ourselves according to political affiliation, race, and religion. We are members of the middle, low-income, or wealthy classes. We choose what seats to sit in during a football game according to the team we are rooting for. It is oddly comforting to know that you belong. All too often, however, transgender youth are denied that sense of ubelonging because they defy society’s categories of male and female. The gender binary divides society

  • Is The United States A Wasteful Society?

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    “Does the U.S. have a chance of reducing the amount of waste in the world today?” For my sustainability project, my goal was to gather information on how to reduce waste in the environment in order to prevent the United States from being a wasteful society in the future. First, I began to recycle everything I used, such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic forks, plastic spoons, aluminum cans, candy wrappers, and even all types of papers. As a result, I noticed the amount of trash

  • The United States Of American Society

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    rebuilding American society, we were all born in raised in the Capitalist society of the long-gone United States of America. Therefore, we, as the council, tend to be biased toward the Capitalist form of society. The other type of government that is a possibility for a model for our new society is communism. We knew that in Capitalism, people tend to have more freedoms, for instance, in the economy. Freedoms mean people are happy and less likely to rebel. Additionally, a Capitalist society normally has

  • The United States Is A Capitalist Society

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    The United States is a capitalist society; money is powerful. The wealthy and those in power are able to influence tax policy. There are a few tax policies that have more of a benefit to the wealthy than to the poor. A few of them include the mortgage interest deduction, the yacht tax deduction, rental property, business meal deduction, capital gains tax rate, estate tax, social security, and savings for retirement plans. The most beneficial of these tax policies is the capital gains preferential

  • Having A Multicultural Society In The United States

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    The United States is currently a country that is fairly diverse. In the near future the U.S. is projected to have no racial or ethnic group as it majority. As a result of this change our country would officially be a multicultural society. This change would bring some challenges as well as some advantages for some people. One disadvantage of having a multicultural society is the religious differences. There are many different religions in the U.S. as it is today. If other races and cultures were

  • The Capitalist Driven Society Of The United States

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    Pratt Intro to Sociology 11/12/2014 In the capitalist-driven society of the United States, there is a constant impetus towards expansion, investment, and maximization of profits. While this system has helped the US become one of the wealthiest countries in the world it has also contributed to a widening gap between the wealthiest and poorest members of society. This essay will examine two of the poorest populations in the United States, the Central Appalachian region of Kentucky and the population

  • Police Influence On Society : The United States

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    Police Influence on Society The United States is one of the most civilized and structured countries in the World. Since the early settlers came to the new country and established settlements there has been a need for law enforcement. As most of the settlers immigrated from English colonies it is no surprise that law enforcement in the new world was modeled from English culture however, no matter if its United States or England government is the foundation of law enforcement. As such, policing