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  • Compare And Contrast North Korea And South Korea

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    Compare and Contrast: North Korea and South Korea Ever wondered why there’s North Korea and South Korea? The nation of Korea was once unified for centuries under the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). The Japanese invaded Korea and ruled over the nation for 35 years—thus, during the World War II as well. Consequently, the World War II ended after Japan surrendered to the United States, which also led Japan to give up Korea. The United Nations ordered Korea to be temporarily demarcated into two parts through

  • Development Of Building Codes Of South Korea Essay

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    Development of Building Codes in South Korea Glen Stricot-Tarboton Due 23rd March 2016 Introduction Seoul, South Korea, has grown rapidly since the Korean War of the 1950’s to become the worlds’ second largest metropolitan area with over 23 million residents in 2014 (National Statistics Office ( 통계청)). This growth has occurred economically as well, with an average GDP increase of 10 percent between 1962 and 1994 (The World Bank). This report looks into the development of South Korean building codes.

  • The Dokdo Dispute Between South Korea and Japan

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    resolve. Japan and Korea have been having an argument over the island for sovereignty ever since 1910 (South). This island has three names, Dokdo, Takeshima, and Liancourt. Dokdo, a solitary island, is a Korean name for this island. Takeshima, a Bamboo Island, is what Japanese call it. Both Japan and South Korea uses historical facts to support their claims for the island (Profile). To what extent is the dispute between Korea and Japan an issue about resources versus history? South Korea claims that Liancourt

  • Dissimilarities Between North Korea and South Korea

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    Dissimilarities between North Korea and South Korea “We risked our lives for a South Korean dream, but If a war breaks out, should I fight South Koreans or should I shoot at my relatives in the North?” asks Ri Kyong” The Republic of Korea was small a country which was located in the far eastern edge of Asia. It was separated when the Korea War started in 1950 and lasted until 1953. At that time it turned into two different countries, which are known today as North Korea and South Korea .Thereafter these two

  • The Battle Of North And South Korea

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    division of North and South Korea stems from right after the Second World War, where brothers were pitted against each other because of the Communist North, or the Western South. South Korea was the gate to prevent the beast of Communism from spreading across the Pacific. With the fallout of the Korean War, it is still evident today that North Korea is still a country where the people are living in fear that each and every single American wants to kill them, while the South Koreans welcome us with

  • The War Plan For South Korea

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    “North and South Korea, which have technically been at war for the last 65 years, are again acting like it.” ( They’ve always been fighting each other, and this is another one of their battles. It all started when there was an explosive from landmines “in the DMZ, which is the sort of de facto border that separates North and South Korea, which injured two South Korean soldiers that the South has blamed on North Korea but, of course, North Korea has not apologized for.” ( That angered

  • Causes Of Plastic Surgery In South Korea

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    Surgery in Seoul Teenage Plastic Surgery in South Korea The city of Seoul, South Korea is known as the plastic surgery capital of the world at the moment. In the city, wearing makeup starts for most as young as 3rd grade (year 4) and knowing that makes what I am about to tell you a little bit less shocking. The average age to get double eyelid surgery in South Korea is between 17 and 19 years old. Parents even often gift it to their children as high school graduation gifts. Even though it sounds

  • The Korean War On South Korea

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    Rios Korea is one of the few countries that are split and are currently still at war. Many people do not know about the Korean War since it was not a popular war, it did not get as much media attention as other wars. Numerous people do not have much knowledge of the history of Korea and how South and North Korea split. Korea was not always just North and South Korea the country went through many rulers to get to where they are now. Before The Korean War and before World War 2 Korea was under

  • The Community Of The United States From South Korea

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    When I was five years old my parents decided to move to the United States from South Korea. My parents wanted my sister Sunny and me to learn English because they knew how important it is today to know the global universal language. When I first arrived in America, I had no problem in communicating with others because I was able to communicate through my parents in Korean instead of speaking for myself to English speakers. But that soon changed when I first entered the discourse community of my kindergarten

  • The Importance Of Private Education In South Korea

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    In 2014, South Koreans spent $18 billion on Hagwon, private education to give their children better chances for their Suneung, Korean college entrance exam. It is three times amount of the average of OECD nations(Diamond). The Hankyoreh, South Korean newspaper, reported that “South Korea’s spending figure in 2014 marked the highest rate in the organization for a fourteen straight year and evidence of the country’s still heavy reliance on private spending for public education”(Diamond). “National