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  • Data Collection On Board Diagnostics Tool

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    Figure-5: Worth of Used-Car Market over the years 4. BUSINESS MODEL FOR TELEMATICS IN USED-CAR MARKET: 4.1. Telematics Architecture: Telematics has three basic capabilities: 1. Wireless two-way communication capability 2. Location technology (geographic position) 3. Computing platform for system control and interface to ECU Function Way/Approach Two-way communications - Embedded mobile phone - Integrated driver mobile phone - Telematics service monitoring - Crash event data recorder Location technology

  • The Effect Of Telematics On The Automobile Insurance Industry

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    technologies in the field. The use of telematics (in-vehicle telecommunication devices) allows for pricing based on an individual’s driving habits, rather than based on past trends and events for a certain population. A telematics device can measure a particular individual’s miles driven, where the vehicle is driven, how the driver accelerates and breaks, etc. As the telematics market continues to grow, it is necessary to invest in the technology. The use of telematics has benefited the automobile insurance

  • Inssurance

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    to note the recent ruling of the European Court of Justice banning companies from setting insurance premiums based on gender ( This results in female drivers having to pay the same price as male drivers who are in nature more risky. Telematics limits this phenomenon as it differentiates the risk behaviours of every applicant and prices each accordingly. Furthermore, it reduces moral hazard. Individuals will have an incentive to mitigate risky behaviours as they bear the cost of their

  • Unit 3 Assignment 3 Decision Support Tools

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    above will first be the Telematics devices and software to obtain driving information. There will need to be a little bit of research to decide what company to utilize in obtaining and contracting with to get the telematics devices such as Siemens or Teletrac and what type of software is needed to be able to obtain the external data needed. The analytics team that the company created will be utilizing the software and reviewing the collected information from the Telematics devices. The information

  • Unit 7 M3

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    Highlands & Islands (including Moray) MSP, Shadow Transport Minister and road safety campaigner, David Stewart, who has campaigned on road safety issues for over five years, travelled to London in June this year and met Steve Gooding, who is a Director at the RAC Foundation and also Michael Dugher MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Transport to discuss in particular a form of Graduated Driving Licence (GDL) which he firmly believes could save young lives on our roads. Speaking about his meetings

  • Summary . The Case Presented Below Explains The Current

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    Summary The case presented below explains the current situation of TomTom Telematics (referred to as ‘TTT’ from hereon in) and the problem related to the client onboarding and data integration issues with a tool called WEBFLEET that fits across the different platforms. This issue brings consequences to different areas of the company but mainly sales, marketing and customer support departments. All of them are currently using different systems to manage internal and external processes. There is a

  • This Article Will Introduce The Structure Of Competing

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    This article will introduce the structure of competing on analytics by case study of automotive manufacturer Toyota. First, the article will explain the four pillar model and five stages models and apply it to Toyota. Then it will address the competitive analytical advantage of the company in detail. Finlay it will discuss the internal and external competition on analytics of Toyota. Competing on Analytics Based on Davenport and Harris (2007)’s pillars of analytical competition, there are four

  • Chevrolet Comparison

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    powering them. An upgraded 2.2-liter engine was introduced. Bluetooth connectivity was added as well. Other changes included making OnStar telematics standard across the model line, an iPod-compatible USB port was added to the radio, and new low-rolling resistance tires were introduced. The 2010 Cobalt is mostly a carryover model with a new My Link telematics and trim package introduced. A power sunroof and performance display were made standard on the Cobalt SS

  • Logistics In Supply Chain Systems

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    transported to the end users when an order is placed. Logistics deals with lot of data/information about different products, resource, transport, and warehouse management. With the growth of technology, many devices like RFID, barcode, sensors, GPS, Telematics etc. have found its use in Logistics resulting in huge amount of data/information generated from these devices. Information ranging from products available in warehouse to real time information like where the product is in delivery truck are available

  • What Is Allstate Improved Productivity?

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    Normally, loss control departments face the pressure like redundant data entry; large expenses of administrative and surveys; inconsistent communication; multiple paper works; and delays reports to the underwriters (“Loss Control”, 2015). However, Allstate insurance company has already solved the problems by using a tablet application of the loss inspection software. With the help of this technology, Allstate has improved productivity. From Streamlines Loss prevention with Risk Control Technologies