Essay on 3 Main Pros and Cons of Egan’s 3 Stage Approach

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3 main Pros and Cons of Egan’s 3 stage approach

Positive Pro’s to Egan’s Approach.

This model has fluidity, allowing the client to move freely in and out of the 3 stages as

required. There is nothing to restrict individuals from moving back to the 1st

stage, if they have already progressed onto the two or even three. It has adaptability

in its Questioning process, as in all clients are not compelled/required to answer all of

the 3 main Questions:

1. What is going on?

2. What do I do instead?

3. How might I get what I want?

I think any of the counselling theories may be applied whilst implementing this technique

and may be practised in a range of different helping relationships, but the model
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Negative Cons to Egan’s Approach.

However, having praised the use of the SMART Goals in the positive section, if one of the Goals collapses

during Stage three, the process weakens and may fold in on itself, taking the client backwards and

having to reformulate the goals again. If the Goals then become un realistic or un achievable, they need

to be re assessed and re developed, hindering the progress and finality of the model for the client.

Another negative, is that the model as a whole, is not very adaptive to the individual. It describes itself

as ‘Using the model for the person’ Thus not allowing adaptability and creativity in using the ‘Person

against the Model.’ Individual preferences, experiences and issues may adapt better if applies to the

helper in a more individualistic sense of frame. To me the description of itself sounds too rigid and

formalised. I think in order for the client to achieve their and the Models full potentional, the model

needs to be more adaptive to the client’s person and status.

The third negative that I found, was that it works best on issues that are in the recent past or present

day. Thus entailing that it will be of no use to deep seated past issues, like phobias, trauma or abuse. To

me this signals that it is a short term method, only to be applied to recent, mild issues, looking for a

‘Quick, short term, Fix’. Not to be used for long term, well rooted or

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