A Analysis On The Advertisement For Cantus And Herbal Essences

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Aristotle Appeal is a strategy for advertiser that is used frequently by advertiser as an effective way to sale and introduce their product to the consumer, such as: Logos, Pathos, and Ethos. Even if the product itself is not attractive, it can still be popular by a y. For example, the ads for Cantus and Herbal Essences in Essences have used pathos successfully to attract their target audience which is African American women who do not have a lot of money to spend on unnecessary product.
The advertisement for Cantus (Shea Butter) from the November 2015 issue of Essence shows an African American women smiling to the camera and showing her fluffy hair. The upper half of her body covered the entire page and her also rise her left hand and put it next to her shoulder. Her face looks confident and the slogan “be your own BEAUTIFUL” also mentioned the point that to be confident about yourself. The second advertisement is for Herbal Essences which is a shampoo from November 2015 issue of Essence shows a half-naked African American woman standing on the left side of the page with her left hand behind her head and right hand beside her neck and smiling. This advertisement positioned their logo “Herbal essences” on the upper right corner and two pictures of their product on the lower left corner which is Shine Collection and Smooth Collection. The advertisements for Cantus and Jeffree Star appeared in Essence magazine, which targets people who are African American, women, and

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