A Brief Note On Travel And Tourism Sector Essay

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Travel and Tourism Sector

Travel and Tourism Sector 0
Introduction 1
1.1 History and development of tourism 2
1.2 Explain the structure of the travel and tourism sector giving relevant examples from various sub-sectors of the industry 3
2.1 Analyse the function of government, government sponsored bodies and international agencies in travel and tourism 5
2.2Explain how local and national economic policy influences the success of the travel and tourism sector 6
2.3Discuss the implications of political change on the travel and tourism sector in different countries 7
3.1 Explain factors affecting tourism demand 8
3.2 Explain how supply has changed to meet the effects of demand 9
Conclusion 11
References: 11

International tourism has become a multibillion dollar industry and many national economies depend on it. In developed countries, the annual increase is faster than average growth of the economy. The contribution to GDP of tourism revenue reaches (or exceeds) 30%.
Tourism and travel main activity is the pleasure trips for recreation and Europe is the world 's favourite tourist destination and therefore face significant challenges in becoming more sustainable. One of the biggest beneficiaries of a more sustainable tourism industry will be the industry itself - fewer people will want to visit a region where mass tourism has destroyed the countryside and polluted the beaches.

1.1 History and development of tourism
The activity

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