A Leader And An Ethical Leader Essay

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Paul “Bear” Bryant Paul “Bear” Bryant once ended a quote with “the price of victory is high, but so are the rewards.” (King & King, 2006, p. 53). That still rings true today as leaders look back on their journeys, and the substantial price that it took in reaching their vision. I claim Paul “Bear” Bryant was indeed a visionary leader and an ethical leader as he continuously rallied countless men around a common goal of excellence and effectively guided them to achieve that very goal not only on the football field but in life. He was able to do so by having a strong understanding of diversity and the impact it had in the building of his coaches and players, as well as what it took to advance those individuals toward the vision by way of transformational leadership and effective use of Inspirational Motivation. Bryant often led by example, and some of these examples were displayed in the way he chose to stay true to principles and avoid ethical traps in his disciplining of star quarterback, Joe Namath. He further displayed his ethical style in leading his team through racial integration in the early 1970’s by having the open-mindedness and intellectual courage it took to make that unpopular decision. In the next few pages, I will display how Bryant was a visionary and ethical leader, and then reflect on the visionary and ethical leadership experiences within my own career: how I used diversity and inspirational motivation in reaching our F-35 goal at Hill AFB, and my

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